maybe a thing we could start is 'random gift art: y/n/askfirst' in bio

so that if i wanna do a thing for someone i can check if they have a y and if so just do it instead of waiting for them to check their dms

by then the drawjuice has probably evaporated, it doesnt stay around long

but im not gonna do it unless other ppl say they will. feels weird to be the only one with it

also if 'y' probably a link to a ref or description post or something obv

@g i will say that i see this on fur affinity already, so there's a precedent

@g Yes to all of this, drawing friends' characters is really satisfying and makes you appreciate all the thought and details put into them. As has been said, we definitely need this to catch on so it doesn't seem self-centered. :P

@g if you ever wanna draw me or my characters you are welcome to

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