@g aaa this still makes me really happy, tysm! i missed my horse :2

@salameleon when i saw two thumbs per hand i knew i just had to include it

@g yes! yes! yes! yes! yes! yes! yes! i love this so ding dang much!!!

@glitternoodle it's that time of year again when i finally get my shit together enough to draw you another tiny sketch

@g <3 i love absolutely all your tiny sketches whenever and however they come

@g . . . actually can i have mine as a standalone to use as a new profile pic?

@glitternoodle absolutely!

[im actually kinda glad you asked cos the other one is, uh, a bit old now haha]

@g these are adorable! thank you so much ❤

@g actually thinking do you have a version that is just my picture? Because when I'm at my PC the picture I'm using which is just a zoomed in and cropped version of the big one it looks so pixelated.

@Mattie sure! here's the non-messed-up version

[i guess it's still pixely cos that's the way i drew it. but not in the bad-automatic-resize way so hopefully it's ok]

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