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why would you open source your code? everyone will just point at it and laugh. or even worse, they'll use their smart big brains to change it to make it better, and now you won't understand it. then they've successfully STOLEN your code from you! there's no benefits really

oh yeah it's still dragn appreciation day btw

also does anyone know a better word for "reptile or amphibian" than herp

seriously any time you see a herp taur please show me there are not enough of them and they are so perfect

you're cuddling your synth girlfriend but it's still a bit chilly so she starts compiling a few copies of ghc

banjo kazooie romhack that gives everything anime eyes

i like how this friend uses their middle limbs as both arms and legs like niss (tho i haven't completed any pics where u see this happening so take my word for it i guess)

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It’s a comfortable dusk in the coffee shop, and you are a bubbly gecko.

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q.t. :dragnuwu: [nissᵉ]'s choices:


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