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:ms_niss: <( ᡗʳᡃⁿ˒ ʳⁱᡍʰᡗ˒ )

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Since today is a Pokemon day, here's something I drew when Let's Go Pikachu came out that I still super love

#mastoart #pokemon

@chr is the player called chrchr i just saw in pokemon you

I always feel better when I'm reminded that even can't keep their certs up to date sometimes

Where were you all 5 years ago when all my internet friends lived in seattle

"once you post yr art online it becomes public domain" is a take and a half

a userscript for yahoo answers that every now and then while you're reading a question interrupts you with justin mcelroy going DJUN DN DN DUN DJUN DUN DUN. I WANNA MUNCH and you have to type in "squad" and then it redirects you to a random fast food franchise's press releases page

It’s an average evening in the hillside, and you are an astonishing lizard.

It’s an awful breakfast time in the school, and you are a tragic gecko.

It’s just a breakfast time in the valley, and you are an outstanding gecko.

Art criticism isn’t valid because art is subjective and it’s meaning is derived by the viewer. That being said, the only good artist is sattou

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