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🦎 <( ᡗʳᡃⁿ˒ ʳⁱᡍʰᡗ˒ )

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so does no one in wikipedia's maps project care that {{Location map}} makes it impossible to zoom in on maps

if you try to view the large version of that map, that's exactly what you get, without the markers that have been placed on it with css absolute positioning

the mediawiki software can write images, so... do that instead, surely?

Excited to pitch my script for the Baba Is You movie version

It's just 2 hours of staring at the same fucking puzzle because you don't get it

One of the simplest joys of Mastodon is finding out how hot someone really is when their posting style is - and this is me being kind here - "gremlinesque"

the year is half over and ive drawn less than fifty things, including abandoned sketches


when, oh when! i ask, will we turn our wardrobes into *peace*drobes???

yo i got slooots for my fediverse-famous emojis

DM @kiilas if you want some

Extra info:

i can't believe @masklayer just solved one of life's deepest mysteries: why i like trackballs

i really wish agda let you put implicit arguments in any order if you do them by name, which is always

finally an Algorithm that's going to be even more racist than all the other existing ones

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