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Reminder that UK voter registration cutoff is in a week, y'all

If you've ever wanted emoji of your sona or something in particular for your Mastodon instance, Discord/Slack server or something else, I can make them!~

:shrug_g1: :hot_shit: :cat_smile_ms: :d20: :ferris_party: :game_boy: :weirder_earth: :open_inflatable_valve:

Unsecured : LGBT
Secured : LGBTS (LGBT over HTTPS)

Tired: computers bad
Wired: human told computer do bad thing
Inspired: humans bad. humans made computer. computer bad.

expired: ich weiß nicht
tired: woaß ned
wired: i don't know (but with a noticeably stronger german accent than when you're speaking english)

Furry culture is referring to your fursona as both a separate entity and as yourself interchangeably

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Recent observations concluded that hot temperatures were responsible for some of eastern bearded dragon lizards to change their gender makeup. Some lizards changed their male appearance to female, and had offspring, besides having the male ZZ chromosomes, of the genetic male lizards.



how extra would it be to throw a gender reveal party for myself in my 20s

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