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Oops, I'm one of those users who put their taskbars at the top of the screen. I guess Windows 11 just isn't for me.

Wishing for the "training wheels" paradigm to be more common than the "spend a lot of money on entry-level gear, only to later spend a lot of money on advanced gear" pattern of total replacement. It would be a nice day if tools accommodated the naturally changing needs of their users... less wasteful.

So much downtime.

3 days of CHKDSK later: yup, this hard drive from 2016 is nigh unusable. Best to just unplug it and figure out data recovery later. ๐Ÿ˜”

I made these marinated eggs because I miss the tea eggs of my childhood. These aren't quite the same, but they're simpler to make.

Back in Taiwan, I could go to any 7-Eleven and they'd have a pot of tea eggs simmering away near the checkout. ๐Ÿ˜Œ

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I meant to make marinated eggs several days ago but I had a mental block telling me that it would be too hard. It wasn't.

1. boil a dozen eggs in a pot
2. quench them in ice water
3. peel them
4. put them in a tub with a mix of soy sauce, Chinese spice powder (clove, cinnamon, anise, cumin), and water
5. leave in the fridge overnight

They're really tasty, and I have to stop myself from eating all of them at once.

"Ugh, it's in Early Access." I've seen this reaction countless times, and eventually had it myself. But, thinking about it now, I get this sudden feeling that multiple things have gone wrong to create an environment where Early Access titles get this reaction.

(But perhaps I'm being too idealistic.)

Just thinking about the amount of time and effort that goes into preparing food, and how quickly the food gets eaten.

Star Trek replicators, man...

I absolutely adore the educational digression ("by the way, these curves are heavily used in..."). I feel like if this were made today, this help file would be full of links to Wikipedia (and I'd love it for that, too).

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This DOS game named 1994POOL is amazing to me for its design, even though trying to actually play it just melts my brain.

I got more entertainment from reading its help pages than from the gameplay, but I'm sure someone competent at physics-based challenges would enjoy this even more!

Available to play at the Internet Archive:

trying to follow this instruction:

talk about the things you love, even if you think nobody cares.

people won't ask for it at least at first, but some of them will care

and it's attractive to see someone talk about the things they love.

let go of the notion that it's worthless if you don't get a minimum number of listeners, reactions, replies.

practice caring publicly about the things you care about.

I think this is a good reminder for me. I never liked being shy anyway

These are my streaming eyeglasses. When I first tried using webcam-based face tracking (VSeeFace), the program kept mistaking the top of my glasses for my eyebrows. With these rimless glasses, my eyebrows get picked up by the program without issue. Might be worth a try if you have the same problem (I mostly blame my very sparse eyebrows).

Also I'm usually unable to predict what I'll think/feel at any distance from the present, but in this case I was correct that I would wake up, listen to my exported draft from last night, and wonder WTF I was doing.

My tunes, for whatever reason, tend to veer into danceyness, which I'm just gonna roll with.

As I described it to a friend at 3am while working on a track: "It's like I have the musical equivalent of being unable to not joke around even in serious moments."

For a long time, I had an inferiority complex about making chiptunes with VSTs instead of authentic hardware. I'm so, so relieved to find people who focus on the sonic and compositional constraints (the main appeal for me) and aren't gear elitists. I feel so much better now.

(I also haven't the money, space, nor desire to collect the hardware.)

There's something really satisfying about booting into a clean install on a new hard drive. So smooth. So spacious. Beautiful. Before it accrues years of funky irreplaceable nonsense.

I've been slowly (over the past month+) gathering the parts to build an additional PC and it's basically done now. Saved a lot of money by using the old (ca. 2016) parts I upgraded away from.

I put Ubuntu on it as a placeholder OS but also checked to see how much of my Steam library supports Linux, and... huh, I'm actually optimistic that I won't need Windows on this box after all. Here's hoping!

listen, i'm glad everyone is here/back but platform metacommentary alone won't be enough to make this stick. you need to start posting inane nonsense

what did you eat today. did you see any cool bugs

I miss fearless earnestness.

I have hope that it'll make a comeback!

Unironic thanks to the mystery neighbour(s) whose cooking aromas reach my room. Firstly, your cooking smells wonderful! Secondly, it sometimes gives me food inspiration. And lastly, I'm always forgetting to eat (don't really feel "hunger"), so it helps to have outside reminders of normal meal times.

Perfectly Functional Software, But It Roleplays With You Via Its UI Text

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