Does anyone know if there's an open source alternative to ?

Because Facerig sounded awesome for dysphoria... and then it got discontinued on a whim.

@masklayer Yeah, if we remember right they're replacing it with some new microtransactiony thing.

@masklayer Yyyyyep.

(No source unfortunately. >,,>)

So having an open source alternative they /can't/ just discontinue like that would be pretty nice!

@frostclaws Yeah. I feel like that tech must exist by now, but I don't know of any

@masklayer @frostclaws Well...
it's not discontinued, per se... it's being replaced. With a subscription service type thing - their words are "free to download, with optional subscriptions for premium features".

@chirrveon @masklayer Yeah...

course, at any point they could pull stuff like this again and then we'd be unable to use any sort of face we can feel comfortable in.

@chirrveon @masklayer @frostclaws I don't trust them. I followed facerig ever since they were a kickstarter project. They said they would have a Linux version. To this day I haven't see any follow-up on that promise. Apparently it's possible to do something similar with a modified kinnect and Blender with rigged models.

@Agris yeaaah, personally they haven't really done anything to gain my trust, and them turning their product into a freemium subscription service kinda did the opposite of that

@frostclaws @masklayer @chirrveon Oh yes. I was furious with FaceRig so I looked into how to go about doing this for myself. I came across this video, which seemed to be the best on the subject with a full tutorial on how to set it up. I archived it to my hard drive. Now if I can just find out where to commission a 3d rigged model of my foxy self.
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