Hey @chr, how do you feel about some more custom emojos? We uh, have rather a lot. :3

@frostclaws i’m happy to add custom emojis on request, if they’re unlikely to be of general interest i might make them unlisted (able to be inserted via shortcode but not shown in the emoji picker)


@chr Awesome, thanks! :D

These should all be general-interest I think, except for the mechwolf one. And maybe some of the wolf ones, depending on how many wolves are about.

[Oh, and the Azure tea-saucer ones. I forgot those existed. Might as well just not bother with those.]


– Frost

@chr I uh... I may have gone a bit overboard on the sheer number of them all. >,,>

@frostclaws uh. can you pick your favorites, or send me a zip with all the emoji at the top level (named as you want the shortcodes to be)

@frostclaws okay, imported. i renamed the :battery_* ones to :pixel_battery_* because we already had :battery_low: :battery_ok: etc (which is also pixel art but whatevs). i also listed all the hearts, mtg symbols and stat emojis and categorized them where appropriate. others are unlisted

@chr Awesome, thank you so much! =^.^=

[Whooops, I totally forgot the battery ones weren't already pixel_battery_*.]

@chr Hey, would it be possible to relist :wolf_pixel_dark: in particular, maybe? Apparently unlisting doesn't just stop it from showing up in the menu it /also/ stops it from showing up in autocomplete, which is Aggravating.

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