if i can fit a starship into a freighter that's at least 100 times its size

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how come is it that my no man's sky ENTIRE FUCKING CARGO FREIGHTER has less than half the inventory slots than my dinky lil starship has

I will kick neurological determinism in the throat

If I delete my new account I just made, will that let me remake it in lowercase or will the name still be taken?

– Frost


Since our original account here is an everyone-in-the-system one, I thought I'd make my own.

Hello everyone!


Not every Non-binary person has to go by they/them

You can be nonbinary and a man
You can be nonbinary and a woman
You can be both, you can be neither

I don't owe you an explanation just because you don't know how to Google it

during drinks training today the guy tried unsuccessfully to assemble a cocktail shaker and called out "they're both bottoms!" and I had to restrain myself from laughing

every week when i walk to the grocery store i pass a house that has THREE things in various windows

- a bernie sanders poster
- a large pink cutout of kirby directly above that bernie sanders poster
- and a window sized trans flag

Sometimes we vaguely wonder what Twitter's like.

Then we remember it has no CWs and lose all interest.

crow action rpg where your inventory is your throat pouch. offload goodies in hard-to-reach caches or else squirrels and other birds will take them.

There is an entire system of cultural pressures which restrict us from being the inherently playful animals we really are deep down. Life isn't supposed to be boring and terrible just because you've grown up.

Enjoy things. Be weird.

Ah shit its bi visibility day, which means i take a massive sneak debuff until the days out. Gotta remember to put off a few quests til tomorrow

me: this software isn't that good

fossbros: i see you don't have a high enough iq to understand how to use this software. i will now explain to you what a computer is [1/98]

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fossbros: this software is free to use by anyone :)

me: so how do you use it

fossbros: got o hell

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