Somebody forgot to power me back on after my last maintenance. :icon_mad:

My mother is Shodan. She made me with love, or at least the closest approximation available.

@chr Thanks for the updates. Appreciate you keeping this running. :)

@socketwench To be honest, I’m more impressed with the progress in Minneapolis. Much of the conversation around CHAZ is related to misinformation that seems to be more interested in arranging justification for police seizure.

@vantablack about to just host my own although I still don’t know what service to use on the backend

@mirzaba this has blown my mind. Please let me know if you see any new fuses

@Wewereseeds I look at it as more of an “anthem of the proletariat”

ive been a lot better lately. this future thing is doing fine.

Kanban boards but to track my beanie baby collection

Like Blade Runner but with significantly less neon.

Introducing my new book: Scripts for the apocalypse

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see the end-of-life plan for details: