@rysiek Borg is good. Point it at rsync.net and you’ve got a solid cli setup

Should work on any *nix. Might even work in WSL.

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@lumpley was actually just talking with @quantumdot and another lovely human (whom I can’t find on Masto) about this in the FatT discord, and they recommended Class Warfare for DW for pretty much this purpose. I am super going to look at this ad an option, thank you!

And as a fallback, using the check DC / 2 as the threshold for partial successes with the move questions/options to hand if we end up staying with 5e

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Anyone have thoughts for pitching a migration of rulesets for an established tabletop game?

I've got buy in in terms of new system and moving from 5e to a PbtA system, but they're all suddenly talking about building out entirely new characters because the playbooks don't match 1 for 1 to their previous classes/characters.

Any tips for massaging that transition if I'm invested in keeping the same characters involved in the story?

just took a deep dive down an anime rabbithole based on some convos in the patreon discord... 2018 is off to a good start

I’m crashing out before the thing with the thing, but happy New Years y’all!

@tindall which is a good way to piss off other players. Works once as a joke, but after that you’re just being kinda bad

@tindall Also discovered that Arcane Lock in 3.5 wasn’t a bad way to get someone to be quiet...per DM fiat

@tindall @tindall Explosive Runes is the reason I stopped playing literate characters for a while. Can't get hit if you can’t read.

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From The future will be technical:

If we want our community to grow sustainably, and for our future to be properly solarpunk, this is what I feel we should do:

Recognize the wound in us, caused by a highly technological world we no longer understand and are actively discouraged from understanding.

Understand that most of our "non-dev" friends carry this wound, though they may not articulate it.

Feed a culture where new people are encouraged to be collaborators, not consumers, no matter the background they are coming from.

Choose to grow organically, using methods that are radically different from the modern web strategy of “grow like a hockey stick then bounce off the tip!”. This likely means growing slowly, but intentionally.

When building or writing for the verse, choose the path that empowers and enlightens, which may not be the slickest or simplest path.

When the most empowering path requires technical skill, offer the resources for any scuttler to learn these skills. It is always better to articulate than obscure.

Check the language of any of our technical docs, to make sure it is inviting and empowering, and not filled with the closed-off culture of the larger tech world. Be conscious that any readme can be an invitation to our incredible coded world.

Keep being awesome.

@beelzeburb heads up, you might have to register wantsumfu.co.uk too. I think the .uk TLD offers first to ppl with .co.uk domains of the same name?

@deutrino I get super wigged when people just have the tv on at normal volumes as background noise--I literally *cannot* focus on them when they're talking

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