Anyone have thoughts for pitching a migration of rulesets for an established tabletop game?

I've got buy in in terms of new system and moving from 5e to a PbtA system, but they're all suddenly talking about building out entirely new characters because the playbooks don't match 1 for 1 to their previous classes/characters.

Any tips for massaging that transition if I'm invested in keeping the same characters involved in the story?

@flyinggrizzly My advice would be to create their characters fully custom to suit them, not using the playbooks at all.

Maybe sit down with their characters by yourself and make a rough draft of each, then get with the players to refine as necessary.

@lumpley was actually just talking with @quantumdot and another lovely human (whom I can’t find on Masto) about this in the FatT discord, and they recommended Class Warfare for DW for pretty much this purpose. I am super going to look at this ad an option, thank you!

And as a fallback, using the check DC / 2 as the threshold for partial successes with the move questions/options to hand if we end up staying with 5e

@flyinggrizzly @lumpley yeah, making custom classes is definitely an option too--it's pretty easy to write moves if you figure out what the basic parts are and use the Dungeon World Guide here as a reference. It helped me a lot when I was first starting out to figure out what made a well-designed move vs a bad one.

@lumpley @flyinggrizzly It really all comes down to what you and your group think is the best to move forward with. For my group, that was sticking with 5e and just hacking it to pieces.

I didn't want to push them since I didn't have buy-in from them to completely switch to another system, and they're pretty new players so I didn't want to go past their comfort zone. And I'm fine running with what we have now.

@flyinggrizzly @lumpley I think it is worth acknowledging that the GM is a player though, and that any hacking of systems is going to be work on your part, and that work takes your valuable time. If you're willing to do it, by all means! But if you are on the fence, I definitely think it's worth making that clear to your group as well.

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