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Christmas Adam, tumblr post 

Merry Christmas Adam, everyone ♥

Ukpol, disability 

This is largely from something I posted elsewhere but it's been on my mind a lot lately and I'd like more people to read and consider it.

If you're using all the terrified disabled people as a stick to beat whichever opposing faction you take issue with, left included, stop.

I'm sick of being used as a cudgel against opponents when to most people we're an afterthought. It's how we were used repeatedly throughout this election and we've barely been considered outside of it.

Referring to a small, narrowly-focused company with fewer than thirty employees as a "megacorporation" is not helping your argument, my dude.

thanks bro, now I know that linux t-shirts are cultural appropriation and oppression I will go back to windows I GUESS °

Q: "How does the system know what salt to use for the password?"

A: "It's stored with the password."

Q: "But how does it know to use the salt?"

A: "It's stored with the password."

Q: "But why does it know what salt to use?"

A: "Because it's stored as part of the password."

(this went on for four more rounds before they achieved enlightenment.)

Q: How do I do X?

A: <a moderately complex explanation of how to do X>

Q: That doesn't help me, I actually need to do Y, I was asking about X because it's simpler.

fast food 

@flowerysong this is disgusting and another reason to abolish capitalism. free onions for all.

alcohol, mild body horror, eye contact 

Me, logging on in the morning: "Ah, yes, time for some of that

It's that liminal time of year where my evening run is cold enough that breath condenses on my facial hair, but not so cold that icicles form.

re: Abolishing the university 

Vineeta Singh poses the question: In memorializing the names of enslaved people, are memorials on campuses such as William and Mary entrusting these names to descendant populations, or are they re-asserting ownership of these names and people? #AbolishU

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top-notch bootlicking 

"Look, I'm not claiming it was okay to fire them, I'm just suggesting that firing them was a reasonable thing to do. We can't judge the company for firing them, because the company employs people and those employees might be negatively affected by anything that happens to the company."

I would say that "this thing? It's bad actually" is not a valuable contribution 80-90% of the time

Random obsession of the moment: mechanical puzzles.

"Actually, employees should just quit and find better jobs rather than engaging in collective action" is certainly an opinion.

"Ryan studied the two females. The plump brunette, Dawn, was as short as Taryn, and strength seemed to radiate from her. This female was a born alpha. He also sensed that she was a cougar shifter. The dark, curvy female, Madisyn, had the sharpest eyes he’d ever seen."

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Using "male" and "female" instead of "man" and "woman" is A Thing in shifter romances and it always weirds me out.

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