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When I heard that the Blue Bottle Coffee company was recalling their cans of coffee beans because they explode, I assumed that this was a new company started by a dumbass tech bro with a totally awesome idea to disrupt the market by putting beans in soda cans. But no, they've been roasting and selling coffee for over fifteen years, and still somehow managed to convince themselves that putting off-gassing coffee in a rigid gastight container was a good idea.

"Bad acts are done by bad people, not bad words. You either believe in unrestricted free speech or you don't believe in free speech"

Fuck free speech then I guess 🙃

Sometimes I look through old screenshots and wonder what their context was, and precisely what levels of rage and laughter they produced at the time.

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Inflation is lube for the economy: it keeps money moving smoothly and encourages growth, but if you have too much people might slip on a puddle and hurt themselves.

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cishets in toxic relationships: well I'm not a quitter!

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Last August I saw a turtle.

Today, my computer decided to allow me to process the photos I took.

Ah, technology.

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