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Overheard at the store:

"I'm not going to make you pay for my nuts."

"I *already* paid for your nuts."

It's called mastodo, not mastodon't.

[Edit: it has been brought to my attention that it is in fact called 'mastodon', which is partway between the two. We sincerely apologize for any confusion.]

Sorry to be aggressive but every time I click something that says "sui" I think it's like some other language thing and it's not and it's just not as intuitive as you think it is. Just try to be considerate.

i personally believe that men who say their favorite movie is inception, wolf of wall street, or fight club should be hung in the town square for all to see

David Yates, director of _The Grimes of Crinklewad_: "it’s clear in what you see that [Dumbledore] is gay."

The actual movie: "Mud is clear, right?"

I was going to make a joke, but I checked and someone already did that joke. So, just keep this post in mind until you see a joke you like, and then you can safely assume that's the one I was going to make.

I'm always very distrustful of any statement that treats the fediverse as a homogenous thing with coherent goals or values, or claims that participants in the fediverse all share the speaker's particular distaste for a given aspect of another social media technology.

Ignoring the care instructions on this garment because I'm a godless heathen.

Sleep tracker app notif: you're not sleeping enough. Go to bed now for ideal sleep length

Me: fuck you

Staying up late and posting about bad media that no one else cares about is praxis.

While King Arthur: Legend of the Sword felt like an entire season of a television show ruthlessly butchered into a feature film, Robin Hood felt like the first episode of a television show padded out into a feature film.

Attn newcomers: If this meme makes sense to you, you and I are gonna get along just fine

Tim Minchin as Tuck is my new crush. (Also, who Robin should have ended up with. Marian is pretty, but Tuck is loyal.)

The new Robin Hood is a goddamn superhero origin story (complete with hetero love interest who must be kept in the dark for her own safety), and I'm so fucking tired of origin stories.

I'm attempting to reconcile "we have a really strict CM process" and "I think the devs are losing my changes when they rebase the shared git repo" and I just can't even.

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