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Watching Youtube videos about ZX Spectrum hacks > sleep

I'm not ready to render a final verdict, but the initial impressions of pumpkin spice beets is not incredibly positive.

Shocking no one.

I've made an experimental beet pie filling with pumpkin pie spices. I'm not sure if this is a good idea, but it's certainly an idea.

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I generally enjoy Bec McMaster's paranormal novels, but several have featured an unfortunate pattern where the hero is a member of a minority the heroine despises, but rather than truly challenging her prejudice it's resolved by the hero being special and different from the rest, and rejecting his heritage. Neither "what these people need is to be saved by the love of a good woman" nor "he's one of the good ones" is comfortable framing of racial issues, even when justified in-setting.

Boss: I'm going to heavily focus on patient X when presenting our case.

Me: No, don't do that, they're not going to care about X because foo. Focus on Y, Z, M, or A instead.

Boss, during the conference call: X X X.

Them: That's not relevant because foo. Are you sure yinz know what you're talking about?

It's so great to have a boss who listens when I talk and ackowledges my expertise.

It's always fun when one bug report uncovers three different bugs in two pieces of software.

(On a related note, if you have any questions about DMARC feel free to ask me.)

Every once in a while I'm reminded that I'm one of the top experts in the world in specific subject areas, and it really weirds me out. Like, I remember a time before I understood these things at all, and yet here we are now.

I reminded the security team about a bad decision they made last year and now they want to have a meeting to "sync up". That doesn't at all sound like a bunch of work is about to land on my plate.

2018-09-02: Relative that I barely know adds me on Facebook.
2018-09-09: Racist post about Nike.

Welp, goodbye. And good riddance.

$ curl

I can't tell if I'm delighted or horrified. Probably both.

(cw flashing/quick animation)

Documentation: "This API is unstable, internal, and undocumented. You can use it, but you shouldn't."

Far too many people: "I've been trying to figure out how to use the API for the past seven days and haven't made any progress. Why isn't it documented better?"

It would be Really Nice if the HR system would update and show the raise I was told I would be receiving so my brain would shut up about it.

"I have asked A and B to lead an effort supported by everyone in the organization to ensure that we have robust, consistent, and agile service and change management framework in place."

Mmm, agile. Taste the bullshit.

Unfriendly reminder: I've read 204 books so far this year. This may explain why I don't have any friends.

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