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@julloyart You could try the init=/bin/bash trick (adding this to your kernel config in GRUB will start bash instead of init as PID 1, giving you a root shell without any authentication steps.)

I forced the Mastoverse to take a personality quiz, and got some interesting results.

Today, I learned that my phone has a greyscale mode, and things may never be the same again.

Open source? Love it, that is extremely my shit. Pass me bottle of ketchup and i'll open that for you.

@staticsafe @loke Oh, I see, there was a typo in my first post. I meant to say "shell: cd foo" and I said "shell: chdir foo". Oh, the embarrassment. I shall tear my clothes and wear sackcloth henceforth.

@loke Because the module argument is `chdir`, not `cd`. Using `cd` as a module argument would be invalid.

@staticsafe Mainly because it doesn't require a shell; secondarily, because it's less cognitive load to read what the tasks are doing. When you have a task like 'shell: cd /home/mastodon/live && bundle exec rake secret' your brain has to do more parsing to find the actual command than with 'shell: bundle exec rake secret', and it makes scanning through the tasks quickly more of a burden.

@staticsafe From a quick glance, my main advice would be to use variables and blocks to avoid repeating yourself so much, and to use chdir with command instead of `shell: chdir foo && cmd` (if running this under bash is important, you can move the chdir to args and keep shell.) E.g. here's a rewrite of roles/mastodon-config/tasks/install.yml: (I'd really move those variables outside this file entirely, but this shows the principle.)

Hugo ( should be better than my initial thought of rolling my own MarkDown -> static HTML site generator, but the site rendering is worryingly non-deterministic. With the exact same input about 1 in 5 builds produces a broken front page, while the rest are fine.

Just rebuilt my website from scratch so that I had a place to post this:

(I've been putting these roundups on Tumblr for the past couple of years, but fuck Tumblr.)

"The ability to alter narratives in response to the success or failure of subplots or characters is seen as negative because we have constructed ideologies of the "true" artist and writer as governed only by individual genius and never by the demands of the marketplace. This view is, of course, elitist, alienated, and above all unrealistic." -- Jennifer Hayward, _Consuming Pleasures_.

I want to make laufabrauð, but I also want to not hate life so I think I probably won't.

"known issue" is a very useful phrase in IT. it means "we know, and we don't care."

Overheard at the store:

"I'm not going to make you pay for my nuts."

"I *already* paid for your nuts."

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