@MordecaiPinhas Red cars are better because they go faster. Green cars are better because they're prettier.

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@streetvalkyrie Depends on your principles, but academic computing has very different pressures compared to corporate work.

@gazelle Cleverman is a recent Australian production; the setting is a near-future tech dystopia with some fantasy elements (heavily influenced by Aboriginal culture).

Dark Angel, maybe? It's more immediately post-apocalyptic than CoM, and the society is more cyberpunky corporation-driven dystopia than police state, but it does have Jessica Alba.

It's so totally awesome when you accidentally disable TCP timeouts during a code refactor and processes just hang forever waiting for an API response from Microsoft.

Love it.

“everyone describe your holes” —a quote from today’s team building exercise and no I will not be givint anymore context

@pbandkate That's so deep. Can a hole even be described? Or are you merely describing the things around the hole?


I feel team spirit welling up inside me.

@tindall I work for a university. You would be amazed at how often our reports to hugely popular cloud services about basic accessibility issues are responded to with "you're the first people to bring this up."

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My goal at work is to have the most pretentious whiteboard.

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