@gamerswift13 The same place the Ls from "salmon would walk and talk if it could" go.

@arrdem The IRC-side experience is abjectly horrible, to the point that I sometimes mute Matrix users entirely in bridged channels.

@jollysea One of my favourite decks is Prisma Visions from James R Eads (jamesreadsmerch.com/), which is available in both the traditional oversized cards and as a small travel deck which might be more convenient to carry.

Pixel Occult (pixeloccult.com/) has done a few different decks.

littleredtarot.com/ stocks decks from a number of queer artists.

Bookfluencers are so out of pocket.

"Ready for my list of underrated scifi/fantasy?
Babel-17 (Nebula winner, Hugo nominee)
A Memory Called Empire (Hugo winner, Nebula nominee, Locus nominee, ACC nominee, etc.)
The Haunting of Tram Car 015 (Hugo, Nebula, and Locus nominee)"

You know, you can just say "here's a list of books I like" without pretending they're obscure things that no one else appreciates.

Someday I will be bored enough to look up jerma on Bing and find out what it is. Today is not that day.

transphobia, british media 

tfw you fuck up an article so bad it gets its own wikipedia article

I don't *really* know what I'm doing here, but these have survived for almost a year so I must be doing something right. Yay, gardening.

Q: "Hello, I'm having trouble installing your software. I get the error 'exit code: 1'."

A: "Try A or B."

Q: "I still get the same error, 'FileNotFoundError: [WinError 2]: The system cannot find the file specified' when it tries to run bash."

A: "...that's not the same error. Also, you would have saved us both time if you had mentioned that you were trying to install it on an unsupported OS."

@humphrey In the future it may grow more capabilities, like using a load cell to monitor the output, a pressure transducer to monitor the system pressure, and a dimmer to control the pump for fancy things like preinfusion or pressure profiling. But that's the future.

@humphrey Right now it does two things. The first one is temperature display and control. A stock Gaggia Classic uses a bimetallic thermostat, so the actual temperature when the indicator light says it's "ready to brew" can vary by something like 10 degrees. This is not ideal. Using a thermocouple to read the temperature and a PID control loop to manage the boiler gives me more insight into the actual state and more precise control over the system temp. The second is a timer tracking the brew length, which I had been using my phone's stopwatch for, which meant juggling a second device and remembering to hit two things at the beginning and end of each shot.

This is my first time working with a microcontroller, and it's been a lot of fun.

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I gave my espresso machine a brain. I particularly like the animated splash screen, which starts out black and fills up in a satisfyingly glitchy way: github.com/flowerysong/ESPress

@minervissa It's pretty straightforward: wildcards are only consulted when a node that is queried for does not exist. The DNS is a tree, so all of the nodes between the root and a leaf exist. Defining _dnslink.dinosaurs.example.com creates a node (dinosaurs.example.com) that has children but contains no RRs of its own; this is called an "empty non-terminal". Since the node now exists, the correct response to a query for it is to return an empty response, rather than synthesizing a response using the wildcard.

In 2021 I read 57,174 pages across 213 books. (Plus or minus a few hundred pages, because Goodreads page counts aren’t always accurate.)


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