Being able to have an actual garden this year is nice and all, but it makes me want all of the plants and I can't have all of the plants.

character designers work hard but tumblr artists that want to make every personified evil creature or object in cartoons into a sexy white boy while still looking like the character work harder.

The latest in the rotating cast of pets that are not mine, but currently live with me.

@xnx38h Digimon is the pokémon knockoff. Yugioh is the wish fulfillment "being the best at things like the pokémon card game is an essential skill for fighting Evil."

@witchfynder_finder Sauce on top is definitely a thing (e.g. Buddy's, who have a claim to originating the style) and while both are arguably "authentic", from a marketing perspective sauce on top helps distinguish it from generic Sicilian.

git question 

git question 

@haskal Whereas I stubbornly keep tracking down a working custom driver module for this wifi adapter every time a kernel upgrade breaks it, instead of accepting that it will never work properly under Linux and buying a new one.

@root That sounds about right for the Presidential Fitness Award; passing it was a significant achievement, since the standard was set at the 85th percentile. (I did not pass.)

Shopping for light fixtures is a good way to lose any remaining faith in the aesthetic sense of the entire human race.


@cherubiks That's a bullshit rule embraced by a very small minority of people who read tarot. Buying your own first deck isn't disrespecting anything, and ensures that you get one you actually like instead of a terrible Smith-Waite recolour.

@MoMartin Oh, wow, you just reminded me of how sad I was when the only local store that carried them closed. Half sours for the win.

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