@devurandom Disappointing (I really like Cthulhu Wars) but not entirely surprising (I was able to immediately guess who it was.) He's old, white, Mormon, likes to talk about the good old days, and has flirted with misogynistic and racist tropes in some of his game design.

@shoofle They're definitely different people. But Shadiversity collaborated with noted right-wing shitheel Carl Benjamin on a video about "masculinity", so I'm comfortable throwing the whole man out on that basis.

manga ickiness 

Person: "Hey, I just watched a new anime and was really disappointed, but the manga it's based on is great."

Manga: Is a harem with casual misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, two underage characters, and multiple non-consensual druggings.

Me: :blobangery: :facepunch:

@shoofle Ooh, you know what I want to try making once my tomatillos are ripe? Tomatillo sorbet.

@shoofle Salsa is a classic, or use it as a base for a soup or stew. I also like to use it in place of tomatoes in maquechoux (gumbopages.com/food/veg/maque-)

As a tarter, less savoury berry than tomatoes they also fit well into desserts and sweet applications like fruit salad or yogurt parfaits.

Scientists are out here like "this moth definitely doesn't fuck."

@Thomas @georgespolitzer It's only 3.6 acres if you give each plant 1 square foot. You can just squeeze that into the yard next to the dower house or the servants' quarters.

@Thomas No, it literally tastes like vomit. Hershey's stabilised milk contains butyric acid, a distinctive contributor to the smell of vomit. People generally don't mind it at low levels, and it's also found in foods like Parmigiano Reggiano, but some find it off-putting.

This week's theme: "I can't help you fix your $SOFTWARE problem if you lie to me about the inputs and outputs."

(Fun additional fact: the blossoms smell like cum.)

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Bonus: after doing some research, this tree is not technically considered an invasive species in Michigan, but there are anecdotal reports of it acting the same way it does in the many places that have banned it.

Love to inherit careless plant choices.

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This house came with a lot of small landscaping jobs that need doing.

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