I'm theoretically the target market, but I find most of the culture and expected behaviours in Twitch streaming incredibly off-putting.

@noelle Speaking as an infrastructure fondler: automation and orchestration. At least one of Ansible, SaltStack, Chef, and Puppet (which specific one doesn't matter as much as the general familiarity with automation.) Infrastructure as code (Terraform); CI/CD (Jenkins); containerization (Kubernetes).

This has been your buzzword bingo of the day. Tune in next time to hear the distant sizzling of damned souls who chose Red Hat Satellite as their configuration management platform.

After exhaustive testing, I've determined that I am composed of 93% bad jokes, 6% really bad jokes, and 1% Foucauldian discourse analysis.

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@moth It's a venial sin at most, but even venial sins should not be taken lightly.

(They should be taken hard and fast, if you know what I mean.)

I miss the goths I used to hang out with on IRC.

my favourite pastime is listening to women, respecting their point of view and then applying that advice to my day to day lmao wild

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Theres no better feeling than being completely ignored by a cashier.

NYC cashier: ............

Seattle Cashier: hiiiii how's your day, any plans? Oh cool, my sister likes to breathe too. We're big fanss of breathing. Have you gone to the flower gardens? Great air there for breathing. Well you have fun breathing aand being alive!!!!!!

@muppetbutler It's very simple to tell the difference: the Amish wear hats, the Mormons wear magic underwear.

@jizzwitch That would be so tiring. Nutting is supposed to be fun, not work.

"I don't understand any of the complexities involved in this piece of technology, but I'm sure it's easy to make it work better for less money."

@dconley Loading is on demand, but I've seen un-spoilered NSFW content on the timeline often enough that if network traffic monitoring is a concern I'd avoid Mastodon.

The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell isn't even that great at being aspirational, because literally no one has ever taken a dozen chocolate chip cookies out of the oven and thought, "these would taste better if they had a weird glob of sugar that looked like an angry eyeball on top." They're chocolate chip cookies, they're already perfect. Put eyeballs on macarons, or something.

@seagazelle I don't want to rain on your parade but neither I nor any of the other Michiganians I've asked have any idea WTF "Pure Michigan" is supposed to mean. (And some of the surveyed people have those stupid "LOVE" bumper stickers where the V is the lower peninsula slightly rotated, so you know those motherfuckers love Michigan more than is healthy.)

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