I don't *really* know what I'm doing here, but these have survived for almost a year so I must be doing something right. Yay, gardening.

I gave my espresso machine a brain. I particularly like the animated splash screen, which starts out black and fills up in a satisfyingly glitchy way: github.com/flowerysong/ESPress


Thanksgiving is canceled this year in favour of other (less colonialist) activities, so the only thing I'm cooking today is some rustic tortillas made from dent corn that I grew, dried, nixtamalized, and ground.

uk politics, homophobia 

Stay classy, Tories.

Scientists are out here like "this moth definitely doesn't fuck."

This house came with a lot of small landscaping jobs that need doing.

My least favourite thing about this house is the large pile of yard waste that I inherited from the previous owner.

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