This house came with a lot of small landscaping jobs that need doing.

My least favourite thing about this house is the large pile of yard waste that I inherited from the previous owner.

The latest in the rotating cast of pets that are not mine, but currently live with me.


(I really should have started these a month or more ago, but better late than never.)

Moshe refuses to look at images or cameras or mirrors. I think he might be a fairy.


I occasionally thought of @MoMartin and Atenea as I was making this masa ball soup with chile-infused broth.

food, alcohol 

The Last Word Pączki: topped with a lime glaze and filled with pastry cream flavoured with gin, Maraschino, and Chartreuse.

Happy Fat Tuesday!


First time making gin-cured salmon. I should have started with a better piece of salmon, but it's still pretty good.


Made joconde and Swiss meringue for the first time for this opera cake.

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