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After exhaustive testing, I've determined that I am composed of 93% bad jokes, 6% really bad jokes, and 1% Foucauldian discourse analysis.

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My goal at work is to have the most pretentious whiteboard.

"Wait, that wasn't a fun thing about humans at all."

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The use of ready-made installation scripts is not a substitute for an understanding of your particular environment. The script is not going to magically know that it's installing nginx on an EC2 instance behind a WAF behind a Cisco security appliance, but that doesn't mean the script is useless or broken.

Curating my Facebook metadata to get the ads that are most relevant to my life.

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I forced the Mastoverse to take a personality quiz, and got some interesting results.

Today, I learned that my phone has a greyscale mode, and things may never be the same again.

Hugo ( should be better than my initial thought of rolling my own MarkDown -> static HTML site generator, but the site rendering is worryingly non-deterministic. With the exact same input about 1 in 5 builds produces a broken front page, while the rest are fine.

Just rebuilt my website from scratch so that I had a place to post this:

(I've been putting these roundups on Tumblr for the past couple of years, but fuck Tumblr.)

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