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After exhaustive testing, I've determined that I am composed of 93% bad jokes, 6% really bad jokes, and 1% Foucauldian discourse analysis.

uk politics, homophobia 

Stay classy, Tories.

manga ickiness 

Person: "Hey, I just watched a new anime and was really disappointed, but the manga it's based on is great."

Manga: Is a harem with casual misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, two underage characters, and multiple non-consensual druggings.

Me: :blobangery: :facepunch:

Scientists are out here like "this moth definitely doesn't fuck."

This week's theme: "I can't help you fix your $SOFTWARE problem if you lie to me about the inputs and outputs."

(Fun additional fact: the blossoms smell like cum.)

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Bonus: after doing some research, this tree is not technically considered an invasive species in Michigan, but there are anecdotal reports of it acting the same way it does in the many places that have banned it.

Love to inherit careless plant choices.

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This house came with a lot of small landscaping jobs that need doing.

got a problem with your software? just learn programming, a craft that takes decades to perfect. hope this helps

My least favourite thing about this house is the large pile of yard waste that I inherited from the previous owner.

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