follow-up to the scenario from dragon quest iv 

scenario from dragon quest iv, 2008; Lesbabs 

datefriend appreciation post 


state of 2020

local timeline, take two 

hnyello I know I've been really inactive here lately but!! here're some Jade doodles!

(yes I've been utterly captured by the home stuck)

(cw: the second pic is really abstract but shows harm!)

/ ?? I have no idea if there's really a homestuck art community on masto but hey!

( is me! 'm not movin' accounts or anything, just, that one's a thin'g now toooooooooo)
((and probly exclusively me ranting about how much ' like homestuck))

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<squints harder>

I... think i fixed my problems with procreate??


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mh, ask for help & advice 

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to get back into drawing stuff after a month's absence i went back to my comfort zone of drawing niss into memes

Site name??? 

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