follow-up to the scenario from dragon quest iv 

a few days after the tournament...

torneko (player character in this chapter of the story) enters the bar in endor, the town the tourney took place in. there is a lady sitting at a table. when torneko speaks to her:

"Princess Alena was just amazing in the tourney. The way she fought... It was spectacular! — Maybe I should start learning some weapon skills..."

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scenario from dragon quest iv, 2008; Lesbabs 

king norman: *hastily promises to wed daughter to whoever wins a colossal tournament*

alena (player character): *enters stage*

princess veronica: (to the effect of) Oh, Alena! Surely if the winner is a lady, I shall not be wed! I envy your freedom... please be my saviour!

alena: *trounces colosseum tournament*

veronica: "Thank you, Alena. Now I don't have to go through with a marriage not of my choosing."

veronica: "Still, if you were a boy—"

veronica: "Oops! Listen to me saying silly things! Please just forget I said anything."

:heart_sparkles_lesbian: :)

datefriend appreciation post 

@eq is very very good, probably actually the best :janiawoo:


all people who voted :awoo: are in fact obligated to :janiawoo:

state of 2020

local timeline, take two 

what the :dont_awoo:

hnyello I know I've been really inactive here lately but!! here're some Jade doodles!

(yes I've been utterly captured by the home stuck)

(cw: the second pic is really abstract but shows harm!)

/ ?? I have no idea if there's really a homestuck art community on masto but hey!

( is me! 'm not movin' accounts or anything, just, that one's a thin'g now toooooooooo)
((and probly exclusively me ranting about how much ' like homestuck))

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<squints harder>

I... think i fixed my problems with procreate??


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mh, ask for help & advice 

How do folks deal with burnout?

I've sought out professional help with regards to my mental health, but I need some mentorship as it pertains to games.

In short, I've lost the passion I have for making stuff, and opening Unity just makes me wildly anxious :(

I feel like there isn't a place for me, and that I'm not fit to be or don't want to be a designer.

How do folks overcome these feelings?

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to get back into drawing stuff after a month's absence i went back to my comfort zone of drawing niss into memes

Site name??? 

" in becomes nonzero"

I don't know what to do with this but I like it!!??

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