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im sorry cass but twitter is the take that gets you banned. im sorry.

i love it when people ask me whats in my heart locket because i say its my girlfriend but its just a picture of Anri from dark souls 3

first good day ive had in weeks. i feel content. just at peace.

i cleaned the bathroom and did the house laundry i dont have depression anymore

every white cishet couple in seattle looks like fucking jim carrey and kate winslet from eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

thinking about them (ETA blowing up a fascist in Spain, 1973)

just want to hold hands nonstop until i die

me: i got stabbed with a screwdriver

person with both a Recall Sawant & an IN THIS HOUSE sign in their yard: that sounds so hard. to be stabbed with a screwdriver. ugh. god, it must be so hard to be a transgender lesbian

me: will you help me pay for an uber

them: no

if you told me i could cast Manifest Small Worm and it costs 15 years of my life, I would instantly conjure 3 small worms and die

the only point of being poly is to befriend your metamours. thats it. you make really good friends if you just date multiple people.

if you liked gay shit as a kid congrats you're gay now

This machine works perfectly so long as it remains unused. Even looking for too long might harm it.

Think kindly on it for it is trying its best.

we're miserable bro lets bring in somebody named Silt

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becoming poly in order to fix your relationship is the "lets have a kid" of being queer

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