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Finn @ Def Con

Apparently none of the contestants at hacker jepoardy know about lpstat, so I yelled it out and won a lockpick set!

I dunno what this is but it looks kinda fun

badge has a microusb at the bottom, I wonder what happens if you connect it to a computer

Raspbian literally doesn't come with vim or emacs

@finnatdefcon behold: the tilting window manager of your dreams (rootston, the wlroots reference implementation)

RT Stunning: new rigorous evidence shows that wellness programs have NO significant impact. Apart from this: they massively increase the surveillance of workers, which we show here.

For anyone else hyperventilating at the #Firefox testing of the new #IETF standard recommendation: #DoH

You might like to hear about options to still use DoH and NOT #Cloudflare #Mozilla is not about to introduce a Single Point of Failure. It's testing a new standard via one of the early adopting DNS providers.

Anyways, here's a list of alternative DoH end-points!

@Digitalcourage A clearer understanding that this is a test the Alpha channel called Nightly would be more helpful to your readers.

Stating "Though based on Firefox, TorBrowser is not affected." is actually the same mental model for the Firefox release channel.

Even though Firefox release comes after Nightly it is currently NOT affected, and might not be for some time. If at all. Depends on the tests!

Earliest release channel is Oct 23.

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