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Went to a sweet retro game bar in #portland last weekend. Was cool, planning on going back next time I'm down there

I'm officially migrating to @finn - follow me there, unfollow me here!

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local government surveillance 

Another Miovision Scout showed up on 3rd between Pike and Pine. This one has a phone number with a CNAM of "INNOVATIVE DATA". I wonder if that's what the "ID" part of "IDAX" is :blobthinking:

@nightpool @bikecurious or at least an acknowledgement that a lot of content violates that rule, and an explanation of why it's left up

@bikecurious but @nightpool made it very clear that that's too long and unsourced memes up for that long are unacceptable

@bikecurious yeah, Ill deal when I'm back in the fucking country and not roaming.

@nightpool @bikecurious this is still bullshit and your citation rule is still wrong. Btw when are you going to start deleting my posts for not having proper sourcing?

@nightpool @bikecurious sorry, reread what you said and deleted my post. I didn't see your reply until I deleted the comment

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Algorithms should not decide who spends time in a California jail. But that’s exactly what will happen under a new law slated to take effect in October 2019.

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@g @nonphatic

ẅ̈̈̈̈̈ḧ̈̈̈̈ö̈̈̈̈̈ ä̈̈̈̈̈ẗ̈̈̈̈̈ ü̈̈̈̈n̈̈̈̈̈ï̈̈̈̈c̈̈̈̈̈ö̈̈̈̈d̈̈̈̈̈ë̈̈̈̈ ẗ̈̈̈̈ḧ̈̈̈̈ö̈̈̈̈ü̈̈̈̈g̈̈̈̈ḧ̈̈̈̈̈ẗ̈̈̈̈ ẗ̈̈̈̈ḧ̈̈̈ï̈̈̈̈s̈̈̈̈̈ ẅ̈̈̈̈ä̈̈̈̈s̈̈̈̈̈ ä̈̈̈̈ g̈̈̈̈̈ö̈̈̈̈ö̈̈̈̈d̈̈̈̈̈ ï̈̈̈̈d̈̈̈̈̈ë̈̈̈̈̈ä̈̈̈̈̈̈

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@finn I hear you. And that's a shame.

I never thought about it before, but at the moment I don't recall anyone *ever* citing the source for their pix on the fediverse. Maybe folks do and I don't notice it because I don't care, but I kinda think it's seldom done.

@nightpool @dansup you should be clear that you didn't tell her there were any other factors. You told her that impossible to source memes are unacceptable and that if she didn't get a source for them you would start deleting her posts, and when she asked to be given a few days because were on vacation and roaming and was told no.

It was basically a blanket rejection of the content that she (and her followers) enjoyed.

@greenjon she's not going to find a new server, she feels hurt by the whole thing. Basically good reminder why people suck, and why she didn't interact in public forums in the first place.

@rick_777 they reached out to me privately and gave me more details (which they didn't bother giving her). It's clear that it was a misunderstanding. Not to say what happened was acceptable, but they are talking about it in private with me.

Especially bad because she only joined in the first place after I begged her to for weeks.

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