I'm pretty sure there's some hip devops company that has devops-themed CAH cards. Now I kind of want to get myself a pack. I have no idea if that's where this came frkm

Saw this vehicle driving around downtown Seattle. I wonder what they're doing.

The live bus schedule display at 3rd and Pike in downtown is broken in a way that shows the domain it's trying to connect to, and on the other side reveals that's it's running what appears to be ChromeOS. Does ChromeOS have some sort of kiosk mode that's documented publicly? I wasn't aware of such a thing

I feel like medium is too well regarded for the shit that they do, and I found the perfect domain for my single use site about it... Not sure I wanna take the time to make the site though.

fuck medium and people who post their shitty blogs there. No i do not want to sign up for your service, fuck you.

More commits != better programmer but I don't wanna edit it

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