For the peeps out there - I am totally blown away by Control. Such a well balanced game. I initially thought it was gonna be impossible for me as a shooter, being partially blind and all, but I dug around in the settings, turned on some of the assistive features and am REALLY enjoying the game. Great graphics, an INCREDIBLY brilliant and creepy soundscape, and thus far anyway a pretty captivating story. 👍👍👍

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@feoh yeah, weird social groupthink shit going on that reminds me of the early-mid 20th century. if anybody needs me i'll be acquiring skills.

@deutrino Thank you. I feel like the peace, love and Jerry left I came to know and love has been replaced by a different, in lots of ways more insidious brand of thought police enforcing RightThink with mindless mob attacks and pillory. I'm finding it harder and harder to see the difference between them and the MAGA fanatics :(

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To be clear: I reserve exactly the same amount of tooth & claw for left-wing authoritarians as I do for right-wing authoritarians.

@twann I know it's annoying when people answer quesetions with question, but this is important - What do you want to learn a new programming language to DO? Will you be writing apps where cycle for cycle performance is utterly paramount? Then C++ is probably a good bet. Doing something in the DevOps space or where a single binary with effortless packaging would be a win? Give Go a try. Want to learn a language with truly exceptional tooling that will enable you to write and maintain VERY LARGE enterprise systems? Java is probably a good bet. Ruby? I dunno. Maybe good for writing Rails apps? Or something? :) But there are equivalent Python frameworks for that.

Every 'pod' of teams working together under high pressure over long periods of time will begin to resemble a dysfunctional family. If you're lucky, it'll be the kind of dysfunction every 'normal' family exhibits. You've all got baggage where the family is concerned. You've all hurt each other and have been hurt by your parents (the business) but ultimately you're there for each other and working towards common cause.

If you're not so lucky, it'll be the BAD kind of dysfunctional where you all just straight up HATE each other and loathe everything about every single one of them and the family in amalgam.

I appear to be having a day where I just want to infinitely sleep...

ZZzzzzz :)

Dear 18 year old me - You have WAY more power over your life and circumstances than you realize. Stop building ever more restrictive cells without walls for yourself and JUST DO IT :)

@offby1 These days I've gone over to the dark side and am mostly Vim :) Emacs was incredible but were I still using it I'd be spending my days down the rabbit hole endlessly playing with Helm extensions :) It 'winget install'ed just fine. What can I test for you that would be a good litmus test?

@offby1 FWIW native Windows version - everything I tried works but 'native' Windows integration might be a bit raw (Although I was able to trivially run a Powershell in a subprocess in a buffer). GTK version runs 1000% flawless under WSL-G and can access the Windows filesystem. That might be your best bet? Happy to test anything you want FWIW.

So I was browsing around the bird site today and saw that Fairlight, one of the biggest cracking/demo-scene groups ever back in the C64/Amiga days now has a Twitter feed, a Youtube page, etc etc :)

So, here's the thing dear , you all should look into because nobody gives a rat's ass about utter bullshit like copyright :)

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Anyone want to talk about Docker for a user group?

We're a local user group that meets on the second Tuesday of every month and are always looking for speakers. We're remote for the foreseeable future, so our only issue is TZ (EDT)

One topic that has been a perennial request is Docker. Do I know anyone that would like to present on Docker?

(boosts OK)

(Also if you would like to talk about any topic on our "topics looking for speakers" list we'd love to hear from you:

@48kRAM Stupid question: How does RetroTink enable livestreaming? Do you somehow hook its HDMI out into OBS Studio with some kind of video capture card?

@witziege And, to be clear, I think these hurdles WILL be overcome, but until then, I will enjoy the fediverse being the crazy collection of delicious weirdos and free thinkers it is today.

@witziege It's not paradoxical at all. However I think there are some broad conceptual barriers that need to be overcome first. For starters, try talking to a non technical person about the fediverse and explaining what an instance means and why choosing one matters. I guarantee total deer caught in headlights mode in 30 seconds or less.

@witziege Isn't it grand? :) I really love the Fediverse. It "feels" like an internet from a much earlier age when people were proud of thinking differently and rejecting mainstream ideas in favor of their own :)

@mattbk @joplinapp Ah! "Fail Safe" just found it. Thank you! Stupid question: Why is that not the default? Why would anyone CHOOSE to footgun themselves and empty their entire notes database? :)

@joplinapp Figured this out after scaring the shit out of myself. I was restoring from backups, restarting Joplin (which came up in an empty state) changing its preference to point at the restore, and then <THE CRITICAL MISTAKE> syncing. This basically wrote Joplin's empty state into the restored folder full of files. After I figured out I was doing this, I pointed Joplin at the right place, restore from backups, and I have my data back, but this was super scary.

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@eleanorkonik It was. I will check Obsidian out but the thing I love about Joplin is it makes the notes available to me on mobile as well as desktop and lets me use any backing store I want. Ultimately I figured it out and have my data back. The problem is I was starting restoring my backup, Joplin was empty as described, and THEN I made the mistake of doing a sync, basically writing the empty state into my folder full of files. Once I figured this out I restored from my pristine backup with Joplin pointed to the right place and all is well. But I'll definitely be researching alternatives, because that WAS indeed scary :)

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