Well, I finished the 25th and final lesson and have now successfully built... The ugliest space invaders game EVER! :)

Can't say enough good things about the course though: bytesnbits.co.uk/learn-to-code

Because I know a lot of folks on here care about , newgrounds.com is looking for financial support. They've been a huge supporter of the creative arts online FOREVER. I just joined and thought others should know.

Want to see a bunch of incredible games built in environment so restrictive it'll give the average a migraine? Check out the PICO-8 2019 Advent Calendar. Super Santa alone is incredible :)

Hey there newbie question for you all. I want to understand how to draw basic curves. I know it involves sin() cos() and s scaling factor, but I'd like to understand the nuts and bolts. Can anyone recommend any resources?

Also for my and peeps, this is a really neat blog on the history of video games. Lots of great photos. thehistoryofhowweplay.wordpres

this just occurred to me - A much more accessible mechanic would be to use (or at least maybe provide the alternative of?) simple keyboard arrow based move and drop like Tetris did. I could handle that just fine, and so could many other disabilities.

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- here's an interesting accessibility thought - I'm playing Pony Island, and I basically have to give up and turf the game. Why? Because the Core Files minigame involves manipulating tiles into correct position before the AI can. I cannot possibly win in this scenario given my poor fine & gross motor coordination. Not saying Pony Island is at fault here, it's a game, and they're TOTALLY allowed to have reflex based mechanics, but I wish there were a way for me to know that in advance.

Wow y'all. I am kinda blown away by Abzu - abzugame.com/ - The art is positively gorgeous and if you're into exploring and interacting with gorgeous environment the gameplay is a blast. Definitely one I'll be going back to over time. I love seeing this kind of real creativing in


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