Well, NASA just landed the Perseverance rover on the surface of mars, and it's beaming pictures back to earth.

These launches leave me awestruck Every Single Time :)

Muahaha my teeny tiny homelab is growing :) Man, this stuff is just too much fun.

It's like LEGOs for hyper-nerds :)

Just got my @PINE64 PineBook Pro today! Totally delighted with it! Also kinda gobsmacked that a$200 laptop can rub my Python IDE like a champ!

"Hey you know not everyone is as technical as we are and different solutions may make sense for the...."

99.9% of technical discussions that have ever happened on the internet:

Just got back from walking the dog with my lovely wife.

Scarves wrapped around our face with the new CDC guidelines.

"Are we walking the dog, or getting ready to rob a stagecoach?"

Blissed out puppy sez: "RUB MAH BELLEH HUMAN!" :)

Feeling stressed? Have an angelic sleeping puppy!


And then I get over myself and realize it's like this for everybody :)

Holy crap y'all Joust came out *38 years ago*.

And after a break of about 20 years I can still sit down and score 30K without even trying too hard. My mis-spent youth summarized in one high score screen :)

My all time top 30 breweries by number of beers checked in. Rendered in with Plotly. This stuff is too easy & too much fun :)

Cookie simply did not approve of my super clicky mechanical keyboard :)

I know it’s much worse in the Midwest but still wow it’s cold!

Y'all I'm in love ... With a terminal emulator :) Kitty is a super fast, configurable, programmable and remote controllable terminal emulator written in a mix of and . It runs on and . Also it looks fabulous :)

My Cookie wants to remind you to drive safe this New Year's Eve!

Hey everybody this little girl is now officially ours! So happy!!!

Our poor rescue dog is having another nightmare. Our trainer says it's a result of the traume she suffered while she was on the street, and that letting her sleep through it helps her heal. I just don't understand people. How can you look at a face like this and kick her out into the cold?

We are rescue dog on call 24x7x365 with a 60 second SLA (5 days into a night on call rotation, this is funny. Really it is :)

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