I am totally fascinated by this dude's site:


It's like an old school MUD / telnet client ASCII interface ... on the web :)


I have been thinking about MUDs a bit lately. There are a few "choose your own adventure" books on gemini that got me thinking about it. This is awesome.

@thatguyoverthere I think there's still a LOT of exploring to do in text based virtual realities.

The things people built with the various MU* code bases like Moo, LP and even MUSH were just incredible.

Most of the Muds I've been on for years have slowed WAY down as their users age and new folks are off playing Half-Life Vee-Arr or whatever :)

@feoh reminds me of the web-client for the "Evennia" MUD server software. What a neat idea indeed!

@Wintermute_BBS I LOVE Evennia! Such a neat idea, using a nice frameweork like Django with good persistence and a solid, easy to use object model to build a pocket universe :)

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