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Picking up again really is like riding a bike.

It's not the prettiest language, or the most elegant - not by a long shot, but working in it again I'm reminded of what an incredible gateway drug it was for so many of us to a life long love of computing.

There's something super powerful at play here beyond . I do think there are things we could learn from it in modern designs.

Just a tiny teaser example. I wrote this ugly bugger simple drawing program in < 10m:


My question is "Is it BASIC, or is it such direct access to the hardware?"

For example, if Lua had been an option, would that have done the same?

@emacsen It's a valid question. I think the answer is: maybe? Like I said in a previous reply to someone else, part of BASIC's charm is its REPL. I guess you could easily create a REPL in Lua as well.

So yeah, if you gave me a Lua REPL with direct hardware access to an architecture simple enough to fit in my brain, then I'd probably love it just as much if not more.

Got such a thing lying around? :)

@emacsen HA! Too funny we both arrived at the same place at the same time in different replies :) Totally agree.

I love tic-80 and have a game I started in it that I SWEAR I will finish one day! :)

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