Hey everyone! For folks who enjoy self hosting things and love ebooks. Give Calibre and Calibre-web a look! I know it's old as the hills, but calibre-web is pretty darn capable these days, so you almost never need to fire up the actual 'thick' client unless you need it for something untoward :)

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@feoh can I second this? I'd like to second this.

I'm running calibre/calibre-web on a Raspberry Pi on my local network at home and that's where I keep all of my [DRM-free] ebooks plus PDF handouts I've gotten from classes that are worth keeping.

It will even email a title to my e-reader for me on-demand.

@Cordelya You absolutely CAN second this! Yeah I've been super impressed with it thus far.

It's also pretty great in that it acts as an OPDS server for various readers (My favorite is Marvin) which can slurp down books from your collection and search them as well.

I feel like I maybe need to figure out how to install some of the 'optional' pip dependencies (the wiki link for that is broken on their site. Need to file an issue.) because right now I notice when I upload books through calibre-web it doesn't attach the cover art which regular Calibre does.

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