I really do worry about the mental health of GNU/Linux users. They're like FOX "News" viewers, so much completely anti-reality shit fed to them it starts backing out of their mouths.

"We're the only free people! The UN/New World Order/Apple/Communists/Fluoridators are going to make you wear masks/use their app store/bottled water and take away mah guns/compilers/precious bodily fluids!"

Dude. Chill the fuck out, it's not like that.

@mdhughes HOLY COW yes this! Just heard on a Linux podcast this morning about the community FREAKING OUT over the fact that the Linux Foundation released a PDF that was clearly made using Adobe products! THE HORROR!

@feoh I didn't get why @mdhughes was being so extreme about this issue until I heard about this. The shit? I may be paranoid, but that mostly expresses itself in trying to use privacy-respecting apps/services. Who cares what type of thing made the PDF, just don't use a PDF viewer without JavaScript capability if that's such an issue. WTF.


@SaulRS951 @mdhughes Totally agree. The Linux community, and really the larger FLOSS community, should consider adopting a bit more pragmatism in their lifestyle :)

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