OK so, if you're like me and have wanted to set up an SSL/TLS reverse proxy but ended up drowning in nginx/apache configs and bouncing off, check out Caddy:

Download the binary, run:

caddy reverse-proxy --from <yada> --to <yada> and BOOM, it automagically gets you the Let's Encrypt cert and everything Just Works.

Freaking magic I say :)

@feoh @manton and I decided to use Caddy as our primary web server when migrating NixNet to our new infrastructure and, aside from a couple translation quirks going from NGINX to Caddy, it's been wonderfully smooth and rock-solid; Caddy is in front of nearly every service we run now :flan_thumbs:


i use haproxy in pfsense as reverseproxy.

but for quick and dirty setup i use caddy in the future xD

@feoh @manton

@alexandra RIGHT? I really wish every new project ever would adopt the tenet that providing falling off a long simple UX for the VERY common use case is always what you want :) Great to be flexible and uber configurable, but don't MAKE me write a 9K YAML file when I could easily express what I want in a single line :)

@djsumdog Yeah Traeffik looks amazing, but this instance has exactly ONE docker container - thelounge, running on it, and I needed the simplest laziest path to "I have thelounge serving on localhost port 9000 and I want an HTTPS listener on this URL over here".

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