Holy crap y'all birdsite just locked my account for "promoting self harm" because I was joking with a user about becoming root and shooting one's self in the foot.

Whiskey tango foxtrot Twitter? I've appealed their decision. I'm sure I'll get shot down, but I've gotta try, this is mother fucking ludicrous.

Update: My appeal was rejected. Twitter maintains that simply using the phrase "shoot yourself in the foot" promotes self harm.

Roll up your pant legs people, it's FAR too late to save your shoes :)

Just wanna take a moment to say how grateful I am for the Fediverse. Let the mundanes strangle the life out of the mainstream internet. I REALLY appreciate that we have a place where free speech and an open marketplace of ideas and a real diversity of voices is values. Let's try and keep it that way as long as we can, eh? :)

@feoh Well, obviously you can't promote use of l*n*x on Twitter in this political climate!

@feoh that would be the automated filter recalibrating now that they have a misinformation -> covid19 reporting category so all the covidiot posts aren't getting reported as "promoting self harm"

@feoh (misinformation -> health -> covid19)

I mean, telling people that they can just drink sheep dip and it's as good as the vaccine *is* promoting self-harm if you don't have a more specific choice.

@RandomDamage Apparently this is biting folks in photography circles too. The key phrase that's worthy of banning is "shoot yourself".

With a digital camera? Absolutely :)

@feoh It saddens me that so many have left there multiple times over censorship yet migrate back. Little by little some stay here or other decentralized platforms.

@feoh Wondering how I can trick lots of people (on a massive scale) to post the same tweet, and see Twitter self destruct by closing all Twitter accounts :thaenkin:

@feoh Some things really need to be looked at by a human before action is taken. I'm afraid we are about to see the rise of "artificial stupidity" being in charge. And yes, with the number of false positives, that's the more fitting name for it.

@feoh Robots don't understand idioms very well, I'm afraid.

@feoh sounds like you really tolchocked yourself in the yarbles there mate, or some other common saying to that effect

@feoh they kicked me off for a lame joke about Piers Morgan and claimed I was "inciting violence". I'm so done with the idiots there.

@feoh Literally? SMH. Facebook did stupid stuff like that too while letting literal fascists recruit for violence and conspiracy theories to run around unencumbered. SMH.

@feoh I got suspended for "making death threats" for telling a bigot I hope he wins a Darwin Award.

I guess no one at Twitter Safety knows what the Darwin Awards are, because being murdered is an automatic disqualification, to put it mildly. *lol*

@feoh Good luck with that. I've been trying for over a month to get them to admit "I just gave you the rope to hang yourself" is not, in fact, encouraging suicide, but an extremely common figure of speech. I did use "shooting yourself in the foot" as an example of how fucking stupid they're being but if they've locked you for that then I guess I'll be waiting a long time.

@feoh I got that exact ban (12 hours) for telling Matt Gaetz to jump in a septic tank. :)

awful pun 

@feoh Waiting for the other shoe to drop...

@feoh Joking online is almost always a bad Idea... The AI Algorithm has NO sense of Humor... ALSO... Stupid people have difficulty with IRONY... Take you average TrumpNik® - PLEASE!

@feoh Once perfectly okay idioms and figures of speech have been rendered verboten by the PC police. Sad. Context matters but not to AI.

@feoh I got locked out from birdsite today, because apparently my account was behaving oddly. Dunno if it got really hacked or this was just a heavy handed way to get my phone number. Really it seems like they're ramping up the data harvesting.

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