I hate it when I'm too clever for my own good. Like a bright boy, I set up my local Git server (Gitea) as a VM on ProxMox and told it to use my NAS storage for the disk image. Bad idea. ESPECIALLY given that ProxMox already has a nice "Backup" function bundled that lets you do the sensible thing and run the VM locally but back it up to whatever storage you want, including your NAS where hopefully you're enacting full backup discipline.

Upshot of this particular bit of Dunning Kruger effect induced ineptitude? Not only is the VM image gone because that ProxMox host went pear shaped, but the actual repository files, carefully segregated in their own Git share, are empty.


Thankfully, I was saved by a couple of SUPER critical factors:

1) Never self host anything you're not willing to lose unless you're REALLY willing to treat it like production
2) Git is totally awesome, and if you have a check-out somewhere, you have the entire repository contents.

Saved by a fresh check-out on my spare laptop!

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Gitea is back up and running again, but with no snenanigans this time. Tonight I will actually TEST a restore from backups (I'd tested several shared, just not ... THAT one :\ )

Live and learn! The whole point of this self hosting exercise was to dust off my badly atrophied sysadmin-fu so, yeah, this is that! :)

@feoh some might say, "Never commercially host anything you're not willing to lose" 😋

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