MFW I realized that Taleb's 'antifragile' is just a reinvention of Ashby's 'ultrastable'


@enkiv2 I haven't gotten to Antifragile yet but I did read Black Swan. He's a good writer but I find his scathing tone gets... Old. After a while.

@feoh @enkiv2
The ideas he highlights are, IMO, valuable, but I'm not sure how many of them are actually *his*. "Black swan" is just a weird way to say "unknown unknown". Since he joined twitter, we've all gotten a good idea of how much of his time is spent being very angry over stupid shit instead of dealing with interesting ideas, & it's killed his mystique.

@enkiv2 Funny you say that because after reading his book I'd been marginally turned off and then I followed him on Twitter and the loss of interest was complete :)

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