Holy crap y'all Streisand is an impressive piece of . github.com/StreisandEffect/str - If you're running Linux or Mac and can follow instructions *at all* then you can have a VPN set up in 20 minutes that you own and control, using any provider you like. Great for and also for evading annoying restrictions like JetBlue blocking everything other than ports 80/443 :) (Gonna tell me I can't SSH? Really? I think not :)


@Frinkeldoodle Definitely! But just so you know it's not so much "on your server" :) You use the Streisand package (which runs on your server :) to spin up a new super hardened bit of cloud fluff somewhere to do the actual VPN work :)

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@feoh @feoh Oh, so... I can't install the software on a personally owned server with Streisand?

@Frinkeldoodle @feoh

you *could*, it's just Ansible

I'd suggest using Algo if it's your own server, though.


Actually, I'd suggest Algo in general.

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