@usul @sir Sorry, I haven't used Linux in years I'm afraid.

@sir @usul Constant breakage of accessibility in new Gnome or Ubuntu Unity releases with every major distro update. I simply had the feeling that I could not trust the system and often had to re-learn things to be at least somewhat productive. It became too time consuming, so I threw the efforts out the window and am using Windows exclusively nowadays.

@marcozehe @sir @usul Ditto except Mac. Ubuntu has gone back to Gnome now and is MUCH more accessible. I've switched my personal stuff to Linux (partially blind here). Unity was an utter nightmare.

@feoh @sir @usul I‘m very comfortable with Windows. Definitely not the year of the Linux desktop for me. ;-)

@sir @feoh @usul Don‘t bet on it. I‘ve seen a lot of things come and go in the screen reader space in the last 25 years. But I wish you luck!

@sir @feoh @usul Well, just giving you a warning that I no longer can be impressed easily. ;-)


@marcozehe @sir @usul Windows 10 is surprisingly good. I'm just happy to see coming along so nicely!

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