Greetings denizens! I ran my own instance for a while until it ate itself :) In that time I saw that some of the most interesting denizens of the Fediverse originated from this community! I love chatting about just about anything but especially , retro-computing, games, and science fiction, or Freemasonry. I build clouds by day and chase bright shiny things by night :) I look forward to engaging with you all!

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@feoh Welcome Feoh. You might be interested in . Introductions wise, I’m the boring exception amid his amazing crowd, one more daytime industry (pharmaceuticals) wage slave with a sideline in fiction .

@Troim You under-estimate yourself! Writing is a fascinating business (and I mean that in every sense of the word!). The last few years have driven home what a powerful tool for crystallizing thought the written word can be, and I've embraced the struggle to improve my own paltry skills.

@feoh Very kind words, pretty sure my SciFi writing doesn’t deserve the praise (if you want to check, the website in my profile provides some of my output for free). What’s your kind of stuff? Have you already come around to actual writing, or are you still at the envisaging stage?

@Troim To be honest fiction writing isn't something I aspire to, at least not at the present time :) I do most of my writing for work and my company has very high standards for that sort of thing so I've a lot of work to do :) As for reading, my favorite sub-genre is urban fantasy. My favorite writers of the moment are Ben Aaronovitch (Rivers of London) and Paul Cornell's Shadow Police series. Oh and I just voted on the Hugos a couple days back which was great fun :)

@feoh Rivers of London, that’s a cool one! Suggests I might want to have a look at Shadow Police, hadn’t crossed my path yet. Always keen on recommendations, by the way. I might be a lousy writer, but this won’t stop me from being a very picky reader ;-)

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