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Greetings denizens! I ran my own instance for a while until it ate itself :) In that time I saw that some of the most interesting denizens of the Fediverse originated from this community! I love chatting about just about anything but especially , retro-computing, games, and science fiction, or Freemasonry. I build clouds by day and chase bright shiny things by night :) I look forward to engaging with you all!

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Today at 08:00 UTC (10:00 CEST) I'll talk about the new curl release, live at - join me then

Untitled Goose Game is a hoot and a half. Finally getting around to playing it and REALLY enjoying it. That is all. Honk! :)

For what it's worth this blog post was inspired by a good conversation I had with someone on @lobsters about whether or not managed services are a good idea and how they will or won't impact the future of our industry.

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My god this just makes me want to headbang, bounce in my seat, play air drums, and write really good code :)

"Hey you know not everyone is as technical as we are and different solutions may make sense for the...."

99.9% of technical discussions that have ever happened on the internet:

This is pretty neat. My best friend here at Amazon just got his project open sourced. A privacy/anonymity safe social distance alarm. Uses ML/TensorFlow. Right now it needs a PC with a decent Nvidia card and a particular Intel RealSense camera to work.

Kind of interesting (and neat) that LXD wants to configure a ZFS pool as its storage. On the one hand, feels pretty heavyweight for what's supposed to be a lightweight container, on the other, I can totally see the massive technical advantages... Given that I have only 16M free on my Linux partition, this means no playing with LXD for me right now, but someday :)

This is bad. I need to rein myself in :) I finish work. My wife and I do all the needful things & chores. We prep and eat dinner, I walk the dog. Then my wife sensibly goes to bed. At this point I sit down at the computer and lose myself in happy wandering - which is FINE, but I also lose track of time, which isn't, and sleep is good :) I need an alternate timeline where I can just goof off all the time :)

@lnxw37a2 Hiya! Thanks for the follow! Tried to follow your main account but Mastodon doesn't seem to like it?

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I know it's a lot to ask, and everyone has a lot of things going on and a lot of pressing issues that demand their attention and funds, but if anyone can spare anything for a young, broke, homeless latina trans woman rn, I would appreciate it immensely.$columbidae

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I kinda wish there were like a Pinebook Pro+ or something that sold for a bit more but had a better keyboard :) The one thing I can't abide in a laptop is a squishy keyboard. I know @PINE64 can't please everyone though and are doing amazing work!

Fixed it! Although I'm unsure as to whether or not my fix is within the original intent of the Dockerfile they included :)

Basically, the pendulum project works on x86 because it just pulls down a binary wheel, but on raspberry pi - arm so - no bueno, and you need to install the necessary nubbins to actually build the C code. So that meant switching from 'python:3' parent container to 'python:3-alpine so we can apk add/update.

If anyone has Strong Feelings about how I could have done this better, I attached the working Dockerfile to the bug and welcome feedback.

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Bah docker build failed I look forward to having more time to dork around with it. Doesn't seem like it should be a horrible problem to fix.

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Wow my brother in law hit it out of the park with this article.

It's an incredible read, and poses some interesting ideas whatever your politics may be.

Thinking about giving this a try on my raspberry pi 4.

The idea of a centralized, backed up topic map I could use to store complex inter-related ideas is pretty attractive:

Learned about this on the latest episode of the podcast I used to co-host:

Hey y'all this Friday bandcamp is donating their cut of all the music you buy to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.

Good time to buy some music eh? :)

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The #GNU #Guix package graph is now rooted in a further reduced set of binary seeds, at about 60 MiB it weighs 25% of what it used to

How #bootstrappable is your distro?

Home LAN benchmarking plan:

Run iperf3 against a raspberry pi 4 on my LAN, first with ethernet, then with wifi in each room.

In each location also run nmcli -c no d wifi to show signal strength and AP.

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