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Greetings denizens! I ran my own instance for a while until it ate itself :) In that time I saw that some of the most interesting denizens of the Fediverse originated from this community! I love chatting about just about anything but especially , retro-computing, games, and science fiction, or Freemasonry. I build clouds by day and chase bright shiny things by night :) I look forward to engaging with you all!

Sleepy puppy on her way to work with me :)

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So a few years ago I sketched out an outline for a text adventure/twine/interactive fiction game.

It was a game about living with anxiety. It was a game about living on a space station (a la DS9), working in a shop, and discovering a Secret.

It was a game about work life balance.

In this tootstorm, I will describe some of the scenes that I sketched out for the game, and the various game mechanics on which I was working.

@technomancy Apropos of nothing - I love CircleCI! used it a couple of jobs ago and was blown away by how effective it could be. Plus the administrative interfaces are a breath of fresh air compared to the super heavy web UIs we're all used to with Jenkins and Bamboo and the like.

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I don't think I've posted this before? Starburst Sunrise:
#photo #photography #sunrise

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~ Searching through the Rare Books collection in the university library ~

Librarian: Can I help you? Are you looking for something?

Me: Yeah, so there has to be like a cursed amulet or something that I can use to trap Alexa, Siri and Cortana in forever, right?

Librarian: Haha (waits for other patron to leave) follow me

Holy shit I can drink coffee again after not having touched it for 7 years.
<to myself> I will use this tool wisely and judiciously :)

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   ゚ *.。☆。★ ・
  * ☆ 。・゚*.。
     * ★ ゚・。 * 。
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C has Schroedinger's long, where long is only 32 or 64-bit when you observe it

Really looking forward to tonight. Meeting with dog behaviorist / trainer to try to help our new rescue pup. She's a little angel but watching her PANIC every time she has to be away from us for even a minute is just heart wrenching.

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heyyy uh

quick reminder

ESR took a cool counterculture and got his shitty right-wing UNIX ideology all over it—he's not just a bad person, he's a exceptionally bad historian and you shouldn't take his word for anything, the jargon file that he "curates" reflects nothing like an actual 70s/80s programming culture.

here's a pre-ESR jargon file for reference:

The bug I found in 18.10 is prompting me to dust off my super rusty C skills and dive into the GDM source. I'd forgotten how much fun programming in C can be.

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Trying to connect to some blind linux users to talk about accessibility, please boost

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its so sad google+ couldnt afford to run their instance anymore

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Sway is now 100% compatible with i3, not including features we've explicitly chosen not to support

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Buh-bye Google+. With all due respect to my G+ loving friends, when I first tried this service, my immediate thought was "Wow this is the worst of Facebook and Twitter, with a REALLY annoying UI and a ton of bugs!".

My opinion of it has improved by microscopic degrees since then, but I will not shed a tear to see it go.

The future of social media is distributed, and the people of the Fediverse are making that a reality!

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News reaches me today of a radio station broadcasting to Iran's LGBT community.

Radio Ranginkaman [Persian for Rainbow] is using an AM transmitter in Armenia (1395 kHz) to beam its programmes into Iran, because this programming is obviously banned there.

🇮🇷 🏳️‍🌈

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People who say short-wave or AM radio is dead are lucky enough to live in places with open internet connections and relatively free media markets.

In an awful lot of the world, it's the only way to get non-government viewpoints to people.

I remember taking this "Hacker test" like 20 years ago. Definitely time for a retake! What's your score? (Note this is a good old fashioned ASCII file like ghu intended :)

Dear Apple. It's not me, it's you. You have embraced epic suck to such an extent that things between us will never be the same. It's 1 AM, I am running on fumes, staying frosty listening to some awesome trance beats, and for the *50th time today* I accidentally hit the !@$# TOUCH BAR which I despise and mute the volume. Followed inevitably by the several seconds of "AAH WHERE DID MY TUNES GO?" until I figure it out :( Hate.

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