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Greetings denizens! I ran my own instance for a while until it ate itself :) In that time I saw that some of the most interesting denizens of the Fediverse originated from this community! I love chatting about just about anything but especially , retro-computing, games, and science fiction, or Freemasonry. I build clouds by day and chase bright shiny things by night :) I look forward to engaging with you all!

So I unintentionally blew up beta in my new job. Go me. Just kinda want to curl up into a ball and die now.

At least it was beta :)

JIC anybody's finding they can't connect to other people's Plex servers once they install pi-hole, just wildcard whitelist and and everything will start working. (Yes, I know, I am a BAD open source zealot for not running JellyFin. It doesn't run on my Smart TV. Yes, I know I'm bad for owning a Smart TV :) )

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Capitalism will eat itself. Exhibit A:

(Also, these folks need to do some SERIOUS thinking about the nature of blast radius :)

So I'm working on some exercises involving parsing complicated web pages with BeautifulSoup 4. It's a truly incredible library! But it makes me wonder - One of the things that really improves my development velocity is being able to introspect and drill down on the various data structures in my IDE of choice (Pycharm). For the Vim folks, how do you figure out what combination of method calls, keys, and the like to get at a particular data element? Do you just print all the things? Isn't that inefficient? How can that not slow you down?

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@feoh It's true. Look, I don't harass random people just because they don't use Linux. Hope every Linux user to be like me.

Here's the thing y'all. Whenever I tell a Linux True Believer "I can't run desktop Linux because the accessibility features I need just aren't there" it would be positively delightful if they would actually listen to what I'm saying rather than insisting that if I just install Yellow Muskrat Linux I to can experience the bright white light of eternal salvation.

I ran Linux back when it was delivered on root/boot FLOPPY images! (Ironically it was far more accessible to folks with visual impairments back then. xterm -font 12x24 and we're good :)). I automate my home with Linux and have made my CAREER running it on prem and in the cloud.

It's not about desktop Linux's goodness or badness, I think desktop Linux is postiively awesome and everyone who can run it and hve it work for them TOTALLY should! But that set does not include EVERYONE for some very solid reasons, and no amount of belief on your part will change that :(

Man, I love me some Pink Floyd, but eventually they're going to have to stop re-releaseing "Learning to Fly" re-mixes and either admit they're done or bury the axe and make some new music already :)

Here's a free lesson in guerilla leadership strategy for the technology industry: Be fearless. Say what needs saying. Kick over the hornet's nest and then realize that the stings don't ACTUALLY harm you. Be sure to apply a dollop of empathy so you're not just being a raging jerk :)

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Today I turn 53. It's a prime number, so yay for that, but the idea that I'm 53 years old feels weird :)

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@feoh it's got to the point now where you buy a device and the only way to find out how to do something is listen to someone waffle on for half an hour rather than them actually have a concise sentence about it in the manual.

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@portpupper @feoh Oh, don't worry, Medium has all the like & subscribe & subscription hell shit now, and a bunch of blogs change what's displayed based on how far you scroll, so you can't even read it properly.

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#python can say that again

> The behavior of `round()` for floats can be surprising: for example, `round(2.675, 2)` gives `2.67` instead of the expected `2.68`.

This useful tidbit is omitted from the interactive environment help as of 3.8.10. I wonder if it's been added to the docstring (I assume that is what `help()` returns) for 3.10...

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@feoh I miss books and magazines, the information was generally correct, or would have errata in the next issue.

Now we have stackunderflow, yustube, and the rest of the Net of a Million Lies.

Also a few good sites like MDN, but it's rare.

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Every once in a while I observe something that really blows my mind. I'm sitting here at this very moment watching a video on CSS grid layout, and it hit me:

30 years ago at this time, technical information was mainly transmitted in the form of books. Sure, mailing lists and USENET groups existed, but if you asked your average tech practitioner how they learned about new tech, they'd tell you: Books & magazines.

So I just wanna take a moment to be grateful for this absolute *cornucopia* of incredible knowledge free for the taking that is the modern internet, and remind you all who are too young to remember that it didn't used to be this way, and that maybe you should be grateful too :)

OK so, if you're like me and have wanted to set up an SSL/TLS reverse proxy but ended up drowning in nginx/apache configs and bouncing off, check out Caddy:

Download the binary, run:

caddy reverse-proxy --from <yada> --to <yada> and BOOM, it automagically gets you the Let's Encrypt cert and everything Just Works.

Freaking magic I say :)

YYYYYEEEEESSSSSS! I got the internal transfer I was vying for. 100% remote. 100% development doing network infrastructure automation. So psyched!

Is it possible to build mental agility like a skill? Or is it an innate trait that's relatively static?

Been asking myself this question a lot lately.

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