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Greetings denizens! I ran my own instance for a while until it ate itself :) In that time I saw that some of the most interesting denizens of the Fediverse originated from this community! I love chatting about just about anything but especially , retro-computing, games, and science fiction, or Freemasonry. I build clouds by day and chase bright shiny things by night :) I look forward to engaging with you all!

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Internet Archive, 25 years old today, wonderful 👏👏👏 here's to 25 more!

So I'm getting into and it's super fascinating. I'm finally grokking that each machine is its own identity but that folks just know that Bob is Bob whichever identity eir coming from. I haven't managed to get the Manyverse mobile client working well yet but the Patchwork desktop client is aces :) I may end up running my own rooms server.

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@feoh I'm fine if they go to space.

I'm not fine that they are pretending to be heroes for it. That's stolen valor.

So I have such mixed feelings about BILLIONAIRES IN SPAAAAACE!

One the one hand, funding more space exploration and advancing the technology of space travel is good for *everyone*.

On the other, it's an example of people who have built unfathomable fortunes on the backs of others they may be exploiting.

So yeah, I'm torn about this.

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We are a society of fools. I've never seen anything like it. We have a way to stop a deadly, highly contagious disease that shut our society down completely and a large portion of our country refuse to take it because some right-wing Republicans, many of whom got vaccinated themselves, are casting dispersion on it to make it partisan.

After everything we've been through, the deaths, the shutdown of our lives, the quarantining, here we are. 

This is ridiculous. And it's a massive slap in the face to healthcare workers after everything they've been through. Time for a France-style proof of vaccination to get into where people want to go.

Rapid rise in COVID patients leads Florida hospitals to limit visitors, prepare for worst:

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@TonyStark I am half tempted with my day job to start informing my customers "I will not work on your computers or see you at your homes until I see proof of vaccination."

JIC anyone else encounters this - if you run Pihole on your local IPv6 LAN, and notice that your Windows clients aren't picking up the Router Advertisement of the pihole's DNS, there's a long standing bug:

Thanks for the likes etc on this old toot folks. I ended up stalling on that project when it came to authentication. I'm told FastAPI makes handling the auth bits much easier, so maybe I'll retool to use that framework instead.

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Hey anyone know who the admin of @peertubesocial is now? How can I talk to them? It looks like it was @nutomic / @felix, is that lead dev of Lemmy?

First day back in the office. Just feels WEIRD y'all :)

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Our society is organized around consumption - in order to survive we are required to participate in inefficient and unsustainable supply chains and purchase products with built-in obsolescence dates. It's not reasonable to shame people for doing that.

One day, I will remember that Slackcord is not IRC and start actually remembering to use the !@#$ threads feature, because getting yelled at for not putting things in a thread is getting OOOOOLD :)

Being able to monitor all the DNS queries everything in your home is making via pihole is an enlightening experience.

Turns out the little security cameras we have are some of the chattiest devices we own, second only to our @Samsung TV, which the pihole is blocking ads and metrics from with wild abandon :)

Just set up pihole in an LXC container in ProxMox and it took 15 minutes flat. Man this stuff is falling off a log easy these days :)

(Just be sure to use a privileged LXC container!)

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I absolutely love the explosion of tech creativity that #ActivityPub brought onto the world.

Turns out having a single well-defined protocol with multiple implementations lets people Do Fun Things. <3

A bit over 8 years I posed a question about finding a common protocol to the Federated Social Web W3C mailing list:

The thread offers a decent snapshot of why people felt this "single protocol" approach is impossible.

Happy ActivityPub was able to prove them wrong!

Finding it very hard to stay positive and not be snarky around Gnome. I keep reading about radical re-designs, GTK updates, massive API and plugin changes, and yet from where I sit an absolute show stopper accessibility bug has been sitting in the queue moldering for YEARS unfixed because there are only 2-3 people on the planet who can actually fix it and they have zero time or cycles to do so :(

(This bug is only 4 months old but the bug appeared in the Ubuntu 19.10 timeframe which is a while ago at this point)

If you can't be positive you probably shouldn't be participating, so I guess it's time I un-watched that bug, gave up on Gnome and get cozy with WSL-G :)

Seems like is down or limping a lot lately. Sympathies to the admins, Mastodon is a bit of a drooling beast to maintain.

So, Ubuntu is in some ways an odd little beastie. For instance, over on the CentOS/RH/Fedora side, you can mount SMB/CIFS shares and call hosts by name with no problem. On Ubuntu, nobody can seem to get it to work. There are a thousand thousand stack overflow and Ask Ubuntu questions where folks are recommending just using the IP address. This is no bueno for the autofs case. Back to CentOS I go I guess :) Let's see if I can get actual Docker installed there.

Welp, I've hit a fairly large roadblock in this plan, which is unfortunate because it was a good plan :) Seems like Podman really doesn't cope too well with docker-compose.yml files yet. I can't get Gitea to install, and RedHat's own tutorial has me installing docker-compose. If I have to install the docker suite, that kinda obviates some of the advantages of using some other morer betterer container tech, right?

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