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Greetings denizens! I ran my own instance for a while until it ate itself :) In that time I saw that some of the most interesting denizens of the Fediverse originated from this community! I love chatting about just about anything but especially , retro-computing, games, and science fiction, or Freemasonry. I build clouds by day and chase bright shiny things by night :) I look forward to engaging with you all!

Super psyched! Waiting for Eric B. & Rakim to come on stage!

I turn 51 years old today. I think I'm supposed to be freaking out but honestly I'm loving life and having a blast so yay 51 I guess? :) I just wish the number were more mathematically interesting, it's only interest is that it's only divisible by 3 and 17 :)

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@feoh @TheGibson Actually, Arch is primarily a developers' distribution.

I left it a while back because systemd is godawful and I refuse to use it (for the reasons you mentioned at the top of the post, along with it just being the wrong way to go about engineering solutions ... ) but it works well for developers who want to have an environment that works _for them_ and not _someone elses idea of what they should use._

So I both agree, and disagree; I want my things set up the way I use them, and not someone else's idea; but I'm getting a bit less inclined to experiment.

I definitely plan to take the time to get running again once I'm done with the course I'm taking, because I support and aspire to contribute, plus that's where all the cool kids and mad scientists build all the neat experimental stuff :) But for now? This Windows 10 couch is pretty damn cozy and everything Just Works which is a blessed releif :)

Anybody else finding that as they get older they abhor friction more and more? Like, I'll run the desktop environment (and even OS!) I might not prefer if it Just Works over something more experimental and awesome. Like, true confession: I've been running Windows 10 at home for the last month since my Kubuntu install ate itself, and enjoying it. Somebody help I've been replaced with a pod person :)

So, serious question: Are lower back problems a common occupational hazard for female sex workers? I see all the photos from followers I get here and think that's gotta get painful over time.

That moment when you realize you're wasting WAY the hell too much time trying to choose which web API to use in a project you're building :)

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"As you may know, I co-maintain the uri-generic egg"

one of the better candidates for a Bulwer-Lytton Contest Bad Lovecraftian Fiction opening li...

... wait, URLs are completely undefined? Possibly cannot BE defined?

this story is scaring me

<< "there are several large parts of the spec that cannot be captured by any kind of grammar" >>

h/t @enkiv2

Day 72: progress: today I worked on Excel automation with openpyxl / D3 (more coding) - Program that gets NYT headlines from a REST API and appends to an Excel sheet. Building with HYPER-Legos! :) - Really starting to see the mind blowing power that Python's super abstract & accessible approach to everything gets you.

Sometimes the hardest thing is having the discipline to NOT solve that last problem / wrinkle, step AWAY from the keyboard, and go to BED :)

And on that note...

A couple of days ago I got a Lyft from this lady - apparently she's big in the D&B scene. Have I mentioned how much I love living in ? You never know who you'll meet :)

Everyone interested in Communism should go watch HBO's Chernobyl. NOT because I think Communism is bad but because I think Groupthink and widespread denial of reality in the face of totalitarian authority is REALLY FUCKING BAD no matter what socio-political system is in place.

Yikes. Twitter practically requires a bone marrow sample to give you an API key these days, even when you say "Hey I'm just learning the API!".

They wanted a 200 word essay on what I plan to do with my key!


One of the continuing pleasures of improving my skills is coming to understand how amazing some of the available tools are. Like, BeautifulSoup is the swiss army chainsaw of web scraping, and falling off a log easy to use! Almost too easy. I may be tempted to stop badgering people for APIs at work and just scrap the hell out of them at least until they change their ways :)

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@feoh @cassidyjames I've written a page for webdevs concerned about Chrome's dominance (which I think I can improve slightly now):

And I'd recommend checking out NetSurf, Dillo, or my Rhapsode web browsers. The latter's designed specifically for interaction via verbal speech.

FLOSS does need a stronger browser (engine) ecosystem, especially if the dominant one doesn't understand how varied "Linux" actually is!

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Chrome developer saying they can’t reproduce a bug they introduced on elementary OS (and presumably any desktop with a close button on the left) because they couldn’t reproduce it on “Linux 18.04” shows how much Google understands and cares about desktop Linux.

Hint: they don’t.

@dbs99 Totally love Mast! Best IOS client! Where's the best place to report bugs? Found a couple of small ones :)

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An interesting reddit/HN like interface but for scholarly articles. Altmetric data is used for the rankings:

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