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Greetings denizens! I ran my own instance for a while until it ate itself :) In that time I saw that some of the most interesting denizens of the Fediverse originated from this community! I love chatting about just about anything but especially , retro-computing, games, and science fiction, or Freemasonry. I build clouds by day and chase bright shiny things by night :) I look forward to engaging with you all!

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Matrix is a classic walled garden - it can connect to other systems, but provides no means for users of those other systems to connect to it. Matrix users can join IRC channels, but IRC users cannot join Matrix rooms.

And people wonder why I hate Matrix users on IRC, with all their dumb Matrix square-peg-round-hole nonsense messages

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Now seems like a pretty good time for the much anticipated cryptocurrency revolution to step in and do something useful.

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Stafford Beer defines information as data that changes the state of a system. Data that doesn't change is is not information.

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Just got back from walking the dog with my lovely wife.

Scarves wrapped around our face with the new CDC guidelines.

"Are we walking the dog, or getting ready to rob a stagecoach?"

Artists of the fediverse! This sounds awfully cool, if I were you, I would totally do this :)

(Sadly I have not one iota of talent in me :)

I'd say I don't know why this album is one I Just Keep Coming Back to after many years of listening, but I do. It's just that awesome :)

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@feoh rank 92 rosetta@home, 947 folding@home

basically 1 week of rosetta, 2 weeks of folding. We've seen folding run out of units 3 times, or maybe just 2 with the 2nd being even longer, so we're putting efforts into rosetta.

Will warm your rooms (:

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Wrote a really simple nautilus extension to create a rust project in the selected folder.

I've come to the conclusion that software development is actually comprised of two distinct phases: Flail and Debug. Experienced developers have managed to reduce the flail phase to where it's barely perceptible, but it's still there :)

Feeling kinda stressed today. TIme to figure an exercise regime I can actually keep up with now that the gyms are perma-closed.

Blissed out puppy sez: "RUB MAH BELLEH HUMAN!" :)

It's a glorious early spring day here in Boston. Do be sure to get outside, enjoy some fresh air and sunshine, and move around. You can do these things while still social distancing, and it *will* help :)

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Just finished a video call with my grandmother, had to walk her through via the landline on how to accept it, but it went well. She is living alone now and was very happy to see someone else. Modern (open source) technology enables us to deal with these circumstances in a way that would not have been possible 15 years ago. A toast to the good people at signal, your product is very appreciated!

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Looking for Work, Please Boost 

Sometimes, it's the teeny, tiny acts of defiance that are the most satisfying :) - like, using an ssh tunnel to a cloud host to get around obnoxious IT policy port blocks so you can stream your tunes from your home Plex server :)

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