Hey @pepboysauto@twitter.com I got your "120 pt inspection service" which includes "free @CARFAXinc@twitter.com vehicle history report" but I see no mention of that on my receipt and the employee at the shop doesn't know how to get it. Where's my Carfax?

Great discussion in the session with @WaltHickey@twitter.com today! Tons of great tips.

I made a list of everyone's substacks that were shared in the chat: docs.google.com/document/d/1nk

Definitely enjoyed @SafyHallanFarah@twitter.com's talk at – solid points about the uncomfortable history of tastemaking and its roots in eugenics :-/

Hi apparently I joined this website 11 years ago haha wow questionable choice

Hey @NeerajKA@twitter.com cool newsletter! I also write about technology and culture — a little different focus than you, but similar. Different format. For instance: aescult.substack.com/p/ransomw

yo @Grubhub@twitter.com fix your website! I just tried to order on the app and site and I got this error when I tried to select payment info:

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