Thanks, I hate it:
(I scored 8/25. I did learn some things, though!)

yo how are you gonna release a Hackers / Acid Burn shirt and not let me know?!

RIP and PoolChat. I'll miss my friends from there. Stoked to see the rebrand as and ready to cop some merch!

Hey, I was going back on the website to listen to some early BIS mixes today and it seems like they're not working!
Looks like is returning HTTP 403 for this one (and others)

If you live in and want better internet not run by greedy corpos, take action via's tool and tell your lawmakers!

Plus, it'll upset Time Warner/Spectrum and Comcast, and that's definitely worth it.

I just wrote my rep regarding the disastrous anti-solar bill . If you live in California and want a future please do the same!

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