Unfortunately, my Internet provider, @getspectrum@twitter.com (AS20001), does NOT implement BGP safely. Check out isbgpsafeyet.com to see if your ISP implements BGP in a safe way or if it leaves the Internet vulnerable to malicious route hijacks. via @Cloudflare@twitter.com

it's not running outdated software, @chillmage@twitter.com, but I think the @xdadevelopers@twitter.com forum is essential whenever you want to do any Android device hacking. Want to root your Kindle Fire? Sideload apps onto an obsolete VR headset? This is the place.

Hey @lapublichealth@twitter.com I have confirmed exposure to Covid-19 but no car. Where can I get tested?

This is a really nice and thoughtful article, full of good information. #
The Doctor Who Helped Defeat Smallpox Explains What's Coming | WIRED wired.com/story/coronavirus-in

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