I just need to tweet something so y’all can see my new nickname.

I just found out that Old Bay was invented by Gustav Brunn, a German Jewish refugee, and @KateRoseBee@twitter.com is among the first people I thought need to be told about this myjewishlearning.com/the-noshe

Do you miss the fun of blocking the Suez? The last time it happened was even weirder…
I really loved reading about the Great Bitter Lake Association via @fka_tabs@twitter.com, this piece on @99piorg@twitter.com is wonderful and full of photos

New issue of my newsletter, AestheTech Cult, dropped today! Featuring: Better Internet, EEG Tattoos, and… Sneakers. Also, I got a dumbwatch.

Hey @Asmodee_USA@twitter.com @AsmodeeDigital@twitter.com can you confirm that the app is having issues? Friends and I are unable to join a game. Sign in works normally. Annoying… I was about to win!

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