Just favorited "Peaking Lights – dublab’s 21st anniversary (10.03.20)" by dublab on Mixcloud mixcloud.com/dublab/peaking-li

$5 off $10+ order from Grubhub today with code GO2102NXJBL9SGTMYY

I’ve already got dinner plans so you’re welcome!

Incidentally, I wrote about MSCHF for another of their projects (where they cut up some Art) in my last issue of AestheTech Cult: aescult.substack.com/p/being-a

One more thing about the new MSCHF drop… Here's a list of all the possible phone numbers.

There are 64,000 of them.

If you know a way to test which numbers have texting enabled, or want to script a message to each of them, you might find the whale! gist.github.com/MrAlexWeber/58

Okay if you're trying the new MSCHF drop here's a starting point (these are valid area codes): gist.github.com/MrAlexWeber/94

To anyone playing MSCHF's new drop "White Whale": I would suggest you start here: thedirectory.org/bypref/348.ht
That should get you a shorter list of the first two digits.
As far as how to solve the last three, I'm not sure, short of bulk-texting them!

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