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"uefi requires operating systems to be digitally signed." unless it doesn't. Come on people.

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honestly by the time you've finished explaining how malware works the information is out of date. At a survey level of study, just don't.

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...they just included "rainbow tables" in a list of malware. This is what I mean by "steady stream of constantly, slightly wrong information"

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question gremlins are "IT Essentials" exercises, which is a constant stream of banal and slightly wrong computer info

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Penultimate wave of question gremlins. Just one small wave later this week.

data cables subtoot 

* sending both + and - versions for your signal improves reliability even for a serial interface

* you need a ground; if possible, both a chassis ground and a signal ground. Signal ground helps you detect what's effectively a DC offset between the endpoints, so you can figure out what's a + or - voltage at all

* Power requires two wires. Even if you already have a + wire somewhere and two ground wires, you now need a +0V wire that can handle a return path from your -12V or -48V or whatever. Optional but nice to have.

* sending the data through the wire can induce a current in other wires. The less orthogonal that magnetic field is, the less crosstalk, which absurdly means that the more twisted your twisted pairs are, the higher the CAT.

* Now that you've got a good half-duplex cable, add two more wires for full duplex

* To further reduce the negative effects of crosstalk, mix up the wire pairings.

* Oops that's an ethernet cable

lb: unironically, this reminds me of how archaeologists and ethnographers will find a dildo and be like, "it's an ivory......... fetish. used in ......... rituals. yeah."

like the driving economic force behind computing couldn't *possibly* be gaming, that would be silly. clearly most computers are used for science and math * listens to earpiece * I'm being informed that we will need to cut this broadcast short so we can make room for an elaborate cloud gaming platform.

Playing games is the most important function of computers, and the proof is that we had home game consoles before home computers. Whatever else they do is ancillary

As Unity's terribleness grows, reminder that Godot Engine is a thing.

also now would be a great time for a really good foss game engine to step up

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if singularity wasn't already a thing it'd be a great name for a foss unity alternative right now

not claiming a personal exemption on your tax forms due to being a robot

I certainly haven't had anything marketed effectively to me in ages. but I'm not exactly people.

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I feel like as advertising has gotten better at putting regular people into cohorts, it's lost an important ability to detect and serve niches. even if you believed in capitalism, it's not working in this case, because collectively niche markets probably make up more money since you're paying for the scarcity.

Just a couple of years after a bunch of arbitrary code execution exploits were discovered in original DOOM someone finally figured out how to run DOOM *in* DOOM. 😄

Speaking of character controllers, literally everywhere I don't have slide-cancel jumps, I miss slide-cancel jumps.

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I will never make a game with invariable-height jumps. They should be banned from gaming. I'm looking at you Minecraft and WoW.

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