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if you're not playing FFXIV in 2021 then I'm sorry for your loss.

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I need to clean up some player controls and one timing thing, but I think I'm almost ready to release an early "feature complete" / MVP version of my FFXIV bard music player thing. because I'm incapable of normal, professional names the thing is called Rebard.

surely you're asking, why doesn't someone just take the open source log4j and delete the jndi crap out of it: check multimc's log4j fork out. I'm hoping that evolves into a simple secure drop in replacement.

so most of you know this by now but the 2.15 fix for the log4j2 vulnerability has multiple security vulnerabilities of its own, and you should be using 2.16 - or better yet, a logger that doesn't try to implement things like JNDI

reminder: the internet started out decentralized. email is federated. you can self host web pages / apps if you really want. DHTs solve none of this and are really about smearing responsibility around. we're ignoring the real problem of insufficient access to bandwidth and hardware by obsessing over "decentralized" blockchain shit

'90s: Information wants to be free! Heck yeah I would DOWNLOAD A CAR if I could.

'20s: Information must be monetized. You can buy a hash of this JPEG of a cartoon car, for a price and CO2 emissions of a real car!

I'm wondering how long it'll take before people realize that you could make an mmo that's literally just player housing and outfits and people would pay for it

tech/gaming shitpost 

a Minecraft mod where you can "buy" world tiles with emeralds, and earn fake cryptocurrency emeralds instead. And also not actually own those chunks of land.

"log messages with use of the ${} syntax"

I hope the log4j exploit also convinces people to stop using string interpolation

Oh boy GitHub is down time for a bunch of hot takes about how this would be solved by having 15 different other services I would need to make accounts for to file issues

video games imply the existence of audio games




Right have I got a tale for YOU

Last night I went down to support woth a projection on #COP26 venue, calling out greenwashing and demanding that fossil fuels are left in the ground.

#NotHereNotAnywhere #NetZero


remember: the computer is more afraid of you, than you are of the computer

I wonder how feasible it would be to pay a technical writer to document Jankson.

It'd be a fairly big project.

tech dystopia 

so the current awful gaming news is that "virtual land sale" and "nft-based mmorpg" are real things now. They are both exactly as bad as they sound.

AI in processor design 

Wellp, Samsung has gone and broken the floodgates. Synopsis is building AI tools in now, and it's probably just a matter of time before there's something in mainline Cadence.

Especially when you have AI designing hardware for an AI model to run on, this is kind of an AI-safety red flag. It definitely won't go wrong soon, because we just don't have good enough models to figure out accessory tasks. I just feel like we're...

Have you ever seen the original Tim Burton / Michael Keaton Batman? Where the Joker has a beauty and hygeine product line where certain combinations would fuck you up? I feel like we just tried Joker moisturizing cleanser plus Joker foundation. It feels clean and smooth now, but when we decide we want the eyeliner or the hairspray with it, we are fucked.

The extra piece in this case is probably hybrid models, which are just dangerous for all kinds of reasons.

In case you weren’t aware, here’s one of the many ways unregulated electronics bought online can be dangerous. A regulation Australian IEC cable must have 3x 0.75mm²+ double-insulated stranded copper conductors. This cable appears to meet that requirement at first glance — it’s marked that way on the outside, and cutting in, the PVC colours are wrong but otherwise appear okay.

But then, scrape some of the copper, and it suddenly turns silver. It’s CCA, or Copper-Clad Aluminium. A sneaky and cheap but worse conductor. The aluminium holds up much worse to corrosion and bending, and will crumble to powder inside the cables over time. Through this process it will increase its resistance, turning into a fire-starter. Very dangerous and invisible without destroying the cable to examine it. #safety #psa

what if they wrote the vaccination as a pure function, so there'd be no side effects

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