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re: minecraft modding 

Don't know if I posted this one either, but here you go

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minecraft modding 

When I think of what I'll leave behind, it should definitely be pretty scarves screenshots.

(cw tech dystopia again)
"fair use provision" of *what*. Copyright law? Then the answer is yes. The tests you meet are about the completeness, the quality of the reproduction, and how transformative the usage of the work is. It has nothing to do with who you are.

I don't even know what answer they're looking for here.

(cw tech dystopia)

... but this isn't *true*

this is going to be another one of those classes :/


I'm finally sketching up what I've been talking about for a long time. Think of these dots as regularly-spaced on a square "texture". These dots then get projected from the square onto an octahedron, and from the octahedron onto the sphere that you see.

The arrangement is already very regular / uniform, and is equivalent to a projection of squares onto a sphere (which is impossible without SOME distortion). I'm confident that this distortion can be further reduced by applying a cosine "reverse pincushion" to each face to spread the points away from the vertexes and edges of the octahedron.

Once a stable, minimum-distortion mapping is sorted out, it can be used as a basis for actual, non-fake round voxel worlds with cube blocks(!)

in all seriousness the world generator is extremely advanced at this point and I'm probably going to put together a reference generator for fabric.

blockgames, programmeing 

p.s. this is what I mean by "discrete perlin noise"

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blockgames, programmeing 

Been dipping back into worldgen with some fresh ideas. What you're seeing is *extremely fast* voronoi cells and biome selection (~300msec for a 2048x1024 area regardless of biome / voronoi cell size) done by avoiding solid noise entirely. I'm using what I'm calling "discrete perlin noise".

Next up is setting up the biome selection table, which is easy if you just write that, but I'm thinking about careless modders stuffing 100 biomes all into one temperate spot in the table and making them all less likely to occur. So instead, I'm going to run a miniature magnetic repulsion simulation on the biomes on the biome selection map for a couple hundred iterations to nudge them all out into a low-energy configuration.

This reduces back into a regular table lookup so while it's generating it'll be super fast and pick all biomes with roughly equal weight, but will more or less preserve adjacencies and not put frozen tundras next to arid deserts.

More on this later I think.

gaming nonsense 

The textboxes in this game sure do look weird

re: programmeing, nonsense 

I have no idea what this game should look like but I'm guessing this is something like it.

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re: programmeing, nonsense 

Whoa hey Mr. Thug? I seem to have activated these web shooter thingeys and I don't know how to get down and there are mad ladies coming out of the windows swinging rolled up newspapers at me, can you come pull me down? No? Okay, thanks mister thug

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re: programmeing, nonsense 

Spiderman: Hey, cool, thugs!
Thug: What? What did you say? What the f- come over here, I'm gonna beat you up
Spiderman: Hey buddy, uh, did you see a guy with a dome head pass by here? Like, just a big old fishbowl? I'm kind of in over my head here.
Thug: Oh I'll fix you *right up*
Spiderman: Gee thanks mister thug

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re: programmeing 

We appear to be at the Licensed Game portion of this licensed game

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dammit people

the linehack wavy effect already works, let's see what we can do about the rest of this

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