blockgames, programmeing 

Been dipping back into worldgen with some fresh ideas. What you're seeing is *extremely fast* voronoi cells and biome selection (~300msec for a 2048x1024 area regardless of biome / voronoi cell size) done by avoiding solid noise entirely. I'm using what I'm calling "discrete perlin noise".

Next up is setting up the biome selection table, which is easy if you just write that, but I'm thinking about careless modders stuffing 100 biomes all into one temperate spot in the table and making them all less likely to occur. So instead, I'm going to run a miniature magnetic repulsion simulation on the biomes on the biome selection map for a couple hundred iterations to nudge them all out into a low-energy configuration.

This reduces back into a regular table lookup so while it's generating it'll be super fast and pick all biomes with roughly equal weight, but will more or less preserve adjacencies and not put frozen tundras next to arid deserts.

More on this later I think.


blockgames, programmeing 

p.s. this is what I mean by "discrete perlin noise"

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