blazing hot vaccine takes 

first: get vaccinated. I'm doing it, you should too. for one, we can all stop practically having our brains poked for tests and that would be great.

second: I studied immunology in college so I feel like I have at least a little to say about this. But I'm not a doctor, I wasn't even a bio major. Talk to your primary care physician about this stuff if you really want good advice.

this thread is about how I feel about three kinds of vaccines, which ones I would put in my body *and which ones I wouldn't*. Like I said, talk to your doctor. They're all proven safe and effective, so my reasoning may be surprising.

the groups I'm talking about are: mRNA (moderna and pfizer "cold" vaccines), adenovirus (J&J, AstraZenica), and spikes (Novavax). none of these are traditional vaccines. no traditional vaccine is available.


re: blazing hot vaccine takes 

pfizer and moderna: I'm hoping to get one of these. they were the first out, and what they do is package a messenger RNA that codes for the virus's protein spike inside some lipids. the one that binds to the ACE2 receptor and kicks off that semi- autoimmune cytokine chain response.

the mRNA packages are so small they just diffuse into cells in your body, where the package biodegrades. when there's RNA floating around in the cell, it's usually because there was DNA copied out from the nucleus because the cell needs a protein made. so the cell makes it, and since it seems to be a receptor that fits in cell membranes, it kind of magnetically snaps into the surface of the cell.

the body sees those weird spikes on a cell and panics. it has a really strong immune response, and develops antibodies to the most dangerous part of the virus. it's brilliant, and the data we have suggests this stuff will keep you alive.


re: blazing hot vaccine takes 

Johnson & Johnson and AstraZenica: these are DNA coding for that same spike protein, but loaded into a viral dna loop. they take the dna out of an adenovirus, which is already harmless to humans, but now without its dna it can't replicate. they stuff in this spike dna payload, and that's the vaccine.

the virus enters your cells, injects the dna into your nucleus along with all the necessary activation keys to make sure it gets transcribed, and your own cells (the tiny fraction of them which get "infected" by the limited supply of virus) create the mRNA that becomes spike proteins. the "infected" cells are destroyed, same as pfizer and moderna, and the body gains immunity to the most dangerous bits of the ncov virus. it may also develop resistance to the adenovirus.

it's extremely safe and effective. but look: you could be using those for gene therapy. you could make your body produce insulin or lactase if it doesn't already. you could do all sorts of cool stuff, why waste it-3/4

re: blazing hot vaccine takes 

novavax- this one's pretty cool. they took the same spike protein code, loaded it into cultured insect cells, sprinkled some Nanoparticle Magic on, and now they just have manufactured free floating spike proteins. in bulk.

so this is kind of like how synthetic insulin is made. if you're worried about anything autoimmune, try and get this one, it doesn't rope your cells into doing anything they don't normally do, and it's most like a traditional vaccine.

but do be aware that the reaction to this protein is still going to be very strong. you're taking out the chaff and developing immunity to the part that works right away. and it's *very* immunogenic. if you have anything, like facial fillers, that the body already hates, the extra immune activity may cause the body to be extra angry at them too.

as with any vaccine you may feel feverish and tired. this is good, your body is taking the threat seriously. if it gets uncomfortable, a little tylenol will help calm your system. (4/4)

non-USians translation note: Tylenol's active substance is paracetamol
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