Word of the Tub Gods: like Twitter, Mastodon sets your posting default to Public. If you only want your toots visible to other people on the instance, go to Preferences > Other, and under Posting Defaults set Posting Privacy to "Unlisted".

@tubgod Correction: mastodon has a few "listed" timelines like the local timeline (only tubplex) and the federated timeline (tubplex and everything tubplex has ever heard about).

* "Unlisted" means that a post will not show up in this or any other instance's "listed" timelines. It will however go to all followers and be visible if someone goes directly to your profile page

* "Followers Only" will not be visible in your profile page, it'll only go to your followers

* "Direct" is a DM or PM just like you'd expect

* "Public" is default, which is kind of bad, and operates as expected.

See also the github issue for the feature you actually want - github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

which is already implemented by the massively popular glitch-social fork of the software ( glitch-soc.github.io/docs/ )

@falkreon Big thanks, will be watching that github issue


@tubgod don't hold your breath, stuff like this is why we hate gargron

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@falkreon Looking at glitch-social; seems like it wouldn't be too tough to upgrade.

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