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more Zeno of Elea shitposting 

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DRACULA: what is a man? (throws chair)

OBAMA: fuck you

DRACULA: tell me what a man is

OBAMA: go to hell

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saving the Green New Deal by renaming it the FUTURE WEAPONS INITIATIVE and talking about big beautiful railguns around each American city not tied to foreign oil infrastructure

If you used a Mac and ever wanna write "ñ" can you go poke for me and try to get some visibility for this? AFAICT, it hasn't caught anyone's eye, but it's a pretty simple fix for a possibly terrible UX.


covid uspol 

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good morning fedi. it's a slow work day today and I don't want to know what the news is doing so welcome back to shitpost country I guess

FFXIV launcher barbarism update 

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Karen'd at a FFXIV rep today because their launcher is barbaric. As in, please tell your devs I am *very disappointed* with their launcher.

gender nonsense 

covid musings 


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