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more Zeno of Elea shitposting 

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they're called "bit" coins because their value is a running gag

boy scouts - gender exclusive, toxic, going bankrupt because of abuse allegations

girl scouts - gender inclusive, positive, still have dank ass cookies

LB: Cool garfiald thread on language and history, and how historians are working to better represent diverse viewpoints and shut nazi ideologies down

Long story short, try to use "Old English", "Early Medieval English", and "Medieval English" instead of "Anglo-Saxon"!

Thank you!

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gameing, minecraft 

reminder: invader zim chose his partner based on absorbency of liquids and shock resistance, don't let anyone tell you what you like

This is your irregular reminder that people who put reCAPTCHA on their websites are fucking assholes.

Friends don't let friends use reCAPTCHA.

Some of these ideas people have that I think won't work. I hope people make them so I can eat this delicious hat

not sure if shitpost or mh or both 

gaming shitpost 

The existence of a Matt Damon implies the existence of a Glossy or Lustrous Damon.

~ Welcome to adsh, the adventure shell ~

You are in your home directory. Your internet connection is stable.

Nearby, you can see many files, such as note.txt, .adshrc, and feb_10_2020_syn.wav.

You have tools curl, vim, and python3.

Possible exits are ., .., Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Pictures, and web_site.

adsh> touch file :t_blink:

"Placing the responsibility for heterosexuality onto women reflects a wider trend that deflects responsibility for structural problems onto individual choices. If only we recycled more, we could stop climate change. If only women would make different choices, heterosexuality would disappear and take with it all its problems."

Heterosexuality and Its Discontents

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just realized I could have tagged that "military/industrial" and called it good

international politics, space stuff 

uspol shitpost 

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