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more Zeno of Elea shitposting 

Sorry, before I can meet you free-speechers halfway, it seems like I have to meet you half of halfway. But in order to do that, I'd need to meet you an eighth of the way, and you see I'm just swamped contemplating the increasingly fractional ways that I would have to meet you before I can make even the slightest progress, so I'm afraid it's a paradox.

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JRPG is actually pronounced "Gay Arr Pee Gee", as in "Choosy developers choose -

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out of context nonsense 

I can only aspire to Turing-tier gay

VR question 

So I keep saying, VR kits need to come down into a standalone price range of a Nintendo Switch or so to hit more than its 20%-or-so adoption rate.

I'm finally seeing Oculus Quest 2 at those prices. Is there a non-Facebook option in that range?

“Starlink works great until the cats find out that the dish gives off a little heat on cold days"

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food ph - 

my dad, in the morning: what do you want to eat tonight?
me: food, in the morning, that doesn't make me sick when I look at it, is already a tenuous hack. Let's not complicate it by asking me to think ahead because what I want to eat is coffee. What I can imagine wanting to eat in the evening is coffee. Only coffee.

a Minecraft mod where the mining has all already been done. mountain peaks all blasted off, rivers are brown, and the ore left in the ground is not worth recovering. you mostly melt down old minecarts and tools now.

subtooting a little here, tech is for everyone, full stop. if we can't agree on that, it's not worth talking about.

the mechanic no one was asking for, but everyone wants nonetheless

I don’t know what wordle is and at this point I’m too afraid to ask

the boys are back in town, but not only has the town been irreversibly changed, so too have the boys. the boys can never truly return to town.

One of these days I need to make a 2d & 3d particle effect editor (and by Effect I mean moving configurations of particle emitters) that saves out to json.

Not today. I don't have time.

fantasy gender disinformation 

Tolkein/D&D Dwarves have x0 sex chromosomes. To a biologist, all dwarves would be considered to have female sex. If they ever had a Y chromosome in their evolutionary history, it's gone without a trace now, because they never needed it. Their X chromosome has two very short legs and two long ones, so they call it a "dice cup" or "drinking cup" with some lewd associations.

To dwarves, gender is something you pick as you go along. Mothers carry their young for less time, and they come out more fully formed (including the first wisps of a beard) than humans, and there's no puberty and no rush to pick a gender. Many dwarves are just dwarves.

Dwarves who develop a "male" gender leaning often find it very validating to travel and meet the Other Races, who take one look at them and see them how they see themselves. They find the jokes that there are no female dwarves *even funnier* than we do.

in all seriousness the world generator is extremely advanced at this point and I'm probably going to put together a reference generator for fabric.

excited to release my world generator. does it run in forge? sure doesn't. fabric? nope. sponge? rift? no and no. you have to look at the numbers and imagine playing on your map

Web3 is just people seeking to extract money out of what should be open and free.

long weekend starting now! So, should I work on my incredibly important worldgen thing or level all my crafters to 40 in final fantasy
*levels all the crafters*

blockgames, programmeing 

p.s. this is what I mean by "discrete perlin noise"

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blockgames, programmeing 

Been dipping back into worldgen with some fresh ideas. What you're seeing is *extremely fast* voronoi cells and biome selection (~300msec for a 2048x1024 area regardless of biome / voronoi cell size) done by avoiding solid noise entirely. I'm using what I'm calling "discrete perlin noise".

Next up is setting up the biome selection table, which is easy if you just write that, but I'm thinking about careless modders stuffing 100 biomes all into one temperate spot in the table and making them all less likely to occur. So instead, I'm going to run a miniature magnetic repulsion simulation on the biomes on the biome selection map for a couple hundred iterations to nudge them all out into a low-energy configuration.

This reduces back into a regular table lookup so while it's generating it'll be super fast and pick all biomes with roughly equal weight, but will more or less preserve adjacencies and not put frozen tundras next to arid deserts.

More on this later I think.

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