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Maybe I'll write an obfuscation remapper instead. That would satisfy my brain's hunger for manual class file R/W without creating an abomination in the process.

further reasons: I wouldn't be using objectweb asm, I'd be doing it by hand.

Someone please tell me that it's a bad idea to write code that transpiles javascript into an anonymous subclass of a target java class for the purposes of plugin loading.

dear musicians, please stop sampling spoken word.
If I have to listen to another bitcrushed blade runner or the matrix clip I'm going to scream

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Today: More synthwave, more layout engine. The whole thing is grid/cell based, and now I'm putting together the part where layout elements can be smaller than grid cells, and which sides to snap them to. That and padding between cells.

tbh this is starting to feel a tiny bit like 1990s html table layout and I don't feel bad about that

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I miss the character counts from sleeping

While I download probably another entire linux from the interbutts, please enjoy this cool *other* Conway game I found:

So I guess I'm going from 5.14 to version 18.04, because I never update anything.

ehh I'm going to need to restart if I want *squints at marker writing on hand* bionic beaver?

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I don't say that there's no place for software for "power users". There is, it is a big problem that such software is often expensive and proprietary.
But more often FOSS is missing **usable** software. If your software is unusable by non-it folk, it's empowering only this privileged class.
For decades the response was "learn to be a hacker". This is the same as "fuck off" for most people and especially for oppressed people.

Quote of the day:
"... judge it on merit and not on popularity"
"I'm trying really hard not to judge it by the title font on the readme"

*knee deep in constraint solvers* I don't care if the world ends today, there's no problem I can't fix now; I have pumpkin spice coffee.

'blue.endless:jankson:1.1.0' is now available through mavenCentral!

I mean no one owes me an explanation about solarpunk but I still find it incredibly confusing.

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Hello, My Name Is Java Sunmicrosystems, And You Might Remember Me From Such Films As "3 Billion Devices Can't Be Wrong" and "Researchers Find Critical Vulnerability in Java 7 Patch Hours After Release"

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Wanna have a bit of fun watching people get all confused while revealing society's inherent patriarchal bias?

Refer to your sewing machine as a 'power tool.'

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