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if u are helathy remind your body they are doing a great job!!!

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now i need to get a surgery that probably affects my life next year, where im supposed to star new things in a foreign country
and this overshare is also a reminder for appreciating health

health is underrated!!!!

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bruh i come here just to remind life is hella weird and super unexpected things can occur out of the blue

so crazy how many things have changed in a couple months but im glad it feels like the correct thing over all

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Quiero escribir un artículo (y formarme aún más) en inclusión de colectivos minoritarios en eventos de informática y ciber, a través de la redacción de c4p y el evento en general, entre otras cosas.

Mi intención es centrarme en el feminismo por la cantidad de esfuerzo y error que hay alrededor de este tema en los eventos de informática, pero también quiero aprender otros colectivos.

Si has sido asistente/ponente/organizadora y quieres ayudar, porfa escríbeme, solo quiero hacer una pequeña entrevista.


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I wanna write an article and teach myself about inclusive C4P and events in cyber/computer science. The idea is to gather as much experiences as possible from assistants, organizers and speakers from minority communities which also participates in cyber.

I want to focus on women, as there are tons of efforts ans mistakes surrounding the approach of women to tech (or stem in general) but feel free to help if you are from a different community. I know for a fact, for example, that Trans community also has tons of issues in the cyber community.

If you want to help please contact me, it's just about answering a few questions (and only of you feel comfortable about it.

Thank you in advance!

omg ive just remembered about this game youtube.com/watch?v=QntJFbm2rt
It is definetly a childhood memory i can never forget bout it. I used to seat next to my dad while he played this drinking coffee and smoking a cigar lol
i want to cry

anybody in here who played that? Im curious :)

updating stardew valley. im so excited!!!!!

ive never been less excited for a birthday of mine

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my night reading for yesterday was the contraceptive pills package insert

cant deny its exciting

im starting with blender and its soooo cool!

sometimes i wish i could see my house from outside, like the view from the building in front of it.
would be supa cool to see my balcony with my bike + lil plants and see me painting or sewing or clickityclacking in the computer

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have you heard the one about three holes in the ground 

well well well

und ich WOHNE mit ein Deutsche Person 😂 aber er redet 0 Deutsch mit mir

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ich höre Podcasts auf Deutsch alltäglich und sehe Serien auf Deutsch und höre Musik auf Deutsch ABER sprachen.... das ist etwas Anderes

im so bad im enjoying watching vicky cristina barcelona and i wish i was cristina

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