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He doesn't seem to understand that the game doesn't exist yet because he made it up. He thinks I can just search for it and it will come up. This is the best I can do

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For weeks Felix has been describing a game he made up called Dino Heroes to me, so I've started to use midjourney to try and depict the characters he describes. This is Lionclaw, Flashflood, and Destroyer

First thing I saw in my fb feed today was an ad for some terfy concern trolling article in the LA Times

If the center-left only realized they could get what they want this way! We could be so fucking powerful! Unless that's not actually what they want hmmm

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Like the right is evil but they've got their tactics down. Far-right proposes some wacky shit, center-right moves to appease them while claiming plausible deniability, rinse and repeat.

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Gotta love the predictable internecine bickering between the left and the center-left any time a bad thing happens

no need to make up a guy when it's statistically likely the guy already exists

Oh my god why is it so hard for people to understand that protesting and voting are not mutually exclusive

Felix's lego creations are rapidly spreading to every single surface in our little place, anyone know any good display/storage solutions that are acceptable to both kid & adult aesthetic sensibilities?

gave Giles a big ol heap of catnip so at least someone can have a good time today

I don't have anything articulate or clever to say. Just going to try and boost helpful resources as I come across them

Maybe I should just embrace the web 0.5 vibes

I'm also pretty convinced there was some deepfake voice tech involved

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The less said about the actual show the better, but there was some stellar sound design on the Anakin/Vader hybrid voice in the Obi-Wan finale

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