I have a new line for my bio! "I was in the wrong room to hear Isaac Schankler" -LA Times

For weeks Felix has been describing a game he made up called Dino Heroes to me, so I've started to use midjourney to try and depict the characters he describes. This is Lionclaw, Flashflood, and Destroyer

grumble I know there's a more elegant way to do this but I spent too long fussing with matrixctrl so I'm doing this even though it offends my sensibilities

I don't have any kate bush covers to share but I do have this photo

A little on the nose for a nonbinary "counselor" with the bisexual haircut to give Spock advice about being half-human/half-Vulcan, but I'll take it

been trying to make a joke about this image and being nonbinary for millennia and I just can't get it to work, so I'm throwing it out there

What video game location(s) would you like to just hang out in for real

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