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He told me he wants to be a scientist who discovers why people die. I asked him if he wants to help people not die, and he said, "No!! I just want to discover!!!!!"

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The first monotheist was just a guy who made up a guy who makes up guys

Most unsettling Berenstain effect: I have a vague memory about being taught about a fifth fundamental force. It’s possible I come from a universe with different laws of physics

I have a new line for my bio! "I was in the wrong room to hear Isaac Schankler" -LA Times

what if James Tenney's Chromatic Canon (1980/1983) but it's the Amen Break

Like we ostensibly have similar political beliefs but it seems like it's utterly recreational to them

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Some of my relatives treat the 1/6 hearings like a sports game or something and it's weird

Felix taught me a new word today, “fairence,” which means to go through something solid, as in “I fairenced through the wall.” He carefully helped me make sure I was pronouncing it correctly.

Felix listening to Madonna: “Is the world really made of materials???”

This post was preordained. The prophecy has been fulfilled

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Mainstream scifi is obsessed with "free will" not because it's an interesting philosophical problem, but because it affirms rhetoric about "individual responsibility" that forestalls necessary systemic change

Like it seems like they support good causes but the charities themselves are Christian too so I don’t know if they come with a hidden evangelist hook

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I think I have to stop going to the Christian nonprofit cafe because I don’t know what kind of Christians they are

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