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@tom i hereby tagged myself as zeldastep, homestuck, and knife party

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super nostalgic for early linux desktop stuff

i wish interfaces would go back to being creative and detailed, or at least easily customizable

it used to be fun trying different desktops and being like "wow the window decoration looks really cool"

and i mean can you imagine how cool interfaces and icons could be using today's tools if everything wasn't flat and minimalist

just updated exo.pet/ with some music i've been beginning to make in Korg DS-10!! :blobcatcoffee:

@tom i'm in the first three pictures and i love it (nice kitsune^2 and kitcaliber btw)

@maples aaaaaa this is so exciting, can't wait for it to come back

:ameowbongo: god 2020 is really looking up for me and i'm seriously hoping that a lot of that good fortune gets passed on to you folks. :flow_content: never stop being yourselves, fediverse. :nonbinary_flag:

@QuestForTori PROTIP: keep your toothpaste in the freezer for extra cool breath

just having a relaxing evening making bloops and bleeps on Korg DS-10 :blobcatcool: :crt_w_test_pattern: :afloppy:

@Puck also search around for users with similar interests as you and reach out to them, the social media frontend of neocities is decent enough

@Puck honestly just make the kind of site that you'd personally want to read/use, do whatever you love and just put it out there

how many people still use ? my profile is neocities.org/site/exosilver if anyone is looking for more mutuals

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